Sigma males are known for their rarity in society, and as a result usually catch the attention and fascination of the people around them. They are easy to spot for their stand-out qualities, and the fact that they possess a penchant for success and total independence. Their unique way of thinking about the world is what allows them to enjoy this success, and is also the reason for which people find them so mysterious and fascinating. Many of their personality traits can in fact come across as totally contradictory. Their self-confidence and belief in their abilities has the potential to come across as arrogance or conceit, yet they never chase approval or praise from others. They are teeming with thoughts, opinions, and ideas, and yet rarely step up to voice them unless there is good reason. Understanding the seemingly contradictory aspects of the sigma male’s way of thinking can help to emulate the success he finds throughout life. So let’s look at 13 reasons why sigma males never give up, and how you can apply these principles in your own life.


They are naturally driven

Put simply, sigma males possess a mindset that makes them naturally driven in life. They are not content to do things halfway, and like to push themselves to the limit. Sigma males truly live with a “carpe diem”, or “seize the day” mindset, and go about the world with a desire to squeeze as much out of their lives as possible. Sigma males know that there is always more waiting for them out in the world, if only they have the strength and determination to seek it out. And so they do. Sigma males channel their other skills and personality traits to facilitate their natural drive and ensure that they live a life that truly fulfills their sense of adventure.


They have good memories 

Sigma males don’t get caught up in the moment and succumb to pressure. They have good memories and are able to think about things in the long term. They know that something that may seem like a major setback in the moment is in reality only fleeting, and in moments of high pressure are able to draw on all of their previous experiences in order to see the path forward with more clarity. Each time a sigma male faces difficulty in life, he uses the memory of overcoming his previous challenges as motivation and inspiration for refusing to give up this time.


They are able to spot the nuances of a situation

Sigma males are highly observant and analytical. As they prefer to remain on the fringe of whatever’s going on, and spend most of their time observing and reflecting, they are often able to spot things that most others miss. This gives them a unique insight into their environment, which acts as an upper hand in times of difficulty. Using their powers of observation, they are not only able to spot nuances that others might miss, but they are also able to spot solutions to problems that may not be apparent to others. In times when most people might crumble under the seeming hopelessness of a situation, a sigma male springs into action and looks for a solution by thinking outside the box. 


They have perfectionist tendencies

Sigma males like things done to the best of their abilities. Due to their fiercely independent outlook in life, they don’t like doing things to anything less than the best of their ability. Sigma males want to feel as though they have squeezed the most out of every opportunity. This means striving to be the best version of themselves at all times, and not letting any opportunity go to waste. This often translates into what appears to the outside as an intense perfectionism, which makes it almost impossible for a sigma male to give up when the going gets tough.


They value reason

The way sigma males think about the world is highly analytical, and they are known to implement reason and rationality above impulse and emotion. When a sigma male encounters any challenge in life, he approaches the issue with a mindset rooted in reason and rationality. This means he knows that if he thinks things through logically, there will always be some solution or at the very least a route to improvement. This is why sigma males are rarely seen to lose their cool, even in a moment of crisis.


They are confident in their abilities

Sigma males are dedicated to self development, and so spend ample amounts of time developing their inner selves and their various skill sets. Over time, this means they are usually highly developed in their skill sets, and know their abilities inside out. Sigma males don’t lie to themselves, and know to acknowledge the boundaries of their limitations. All of these factors come together to produce a man who is honest about, and therefore highly confident, in his abilities and knows how and when to implement these abilities in any challenging situation.


They are lone wolves who know when to use a team

Although sigma males are perhaps best known for their reputation as the lone wolves of the social dominance hierarchy, they are not completely averse to teamwork. Sigma males know that there is a time and a place for collaboration, and when that time comes they often prove themselves to be highly valuable teammates. They know how to work well with others and encourage the best out of all of their teammates, meaning that in a time of crisis they are able to rely on others and don’t let isolation become a reason for giving up.


They are good self motivators

The nature of a sigma male is to pick himself up and dust himself off whenever anything goes wrong. Sigma males don’t need others to constantly force them to pick up slack. As they are lone wolves from a young age, they quickly learn that if anything is to get done it needs to come from their own sense of determination. Early in life, sigma males become skilled in the art of self motivation, and when they need to they can even apply this skill to others and become some of the strongest and most reliable group leaders. Relying on self motivation is a major factor why sigma males are never seen to give up on their goals.


They are able to take a step back and reflect

The thought process used by the sigma male is highly unique, as it is comprised of a perfect mix of both determination and proactivity, fed by deep reflection and analysis. Sigma males are resistant to acting rashly, and prefer to take a step back and think things through thoroughly and calmly before deciding on their next course of action. This prevents sigma males from succumbing to the pressure of the moment, and allows them to zoom out and see the way forward with utmost clarity. Not only does this prevent them from panicking and giving up in the face of a problem, but it makes them one of the most reliable personality types to have as a leader in a crisis situation.


They are confident in voicing what they really think

Sigma males are not afraid to stand up for what they think. Anyone who has spent time around a sigma male will understand that even if seems quiet or reserved for the most part, he will not hold back when it comes to voicing something he truly believes in. They are more than willing to stand up to others who they feel have crossed a line, or might be in some way holding them back. The confidence to voice their opinions and stand up to others means that sigma males never let those around them stand between them and achieving the goals they have set for themselves.


They don’t care what others think

Sigma males operate outside of the traditional hierarchy of dominance in society. This means their entire sense of self worth and value is determined internally, not by the judgements and approval of the society around them. This trait is tied to the fact that sigma males have pretty much no regard for what others think about them. They are wholly unafraid of the judgement of others, and spend no time chasing praise or approval. They are not afraid to keep fighting for what they want, no matter what others think, and no amount of external judgement will see them give up on themselves.


They are dedicated to growth

Sigma males are deeply open and honest with themselves. They would rather see the truth for what it is than live in a state of blissful ignorance. When it comes to self reflection, they are not afraid to apply this honesty to themselves and seek out the areas of their lives that they truly believe are most in need of change or improvement. Sigma males are able to honestly confront their flaws, and dedicate themselves to growth in life. They would much rather take a cold hard look at themselves in the mirror than lie to themselves and remain in a state of stasis forever. Being able to constantly grow means that sigma males know that nothing in life is permanent, and there’s never a reason to cave in to difficulty and give up.


Sigma males want to be independent

The number one reason sigma males never give up is that their world view revolves around maintaining independence. Sigma males hate to feel dependent on others, and will do anything in their power to avoid the sense that they are totally reliant on others. They work hard and stay strong in the face of difficulty because they know that it’s the only way to develop and maintain true independence in life. Sigma males prize freedom and self-sufficiency as their ultimate goals in life, and no obstacle is going to have them yield and let go of the independence they have worked so hard to achieve.