Notes from a Sigma Male

By Halle Rider

Do you find yourself lusting after a certain woman who’s caught your eye – or heart – only to have her ignore you? Are you wondering what would happen if it was the other way around and you started to ignore her? Does the psychology of ignoring a women really exist? Well, yes it does – but within limits, and only a small percentage of men understand the secret. Here we’re going to be writing about the powerful psychology of ignoring a woman that only sigma males understand.

One of the biggest errors you can make as a man is to pay more attention to a woman than to yourself. Not only do you end up wasting your own time, but you’re not honouring your own self-worth. For example, you’re messaging a woman who stops responding to your messages. Would you then continue to barrage her with texts in the hope that she will finally give you her attention? Well, certainly not if you’re a sigma male, and even if you’re not – why would you persist in trying to communicate with a woman who clearly isn’t interested? Not only is it unattractive, but it can seriously creep the woman out dashing all your hopes of ever getting something going with her. If you are a true sigma male, or gentleman for that matter, the last thing you would want to do is make any woman feel uncomfortable. Not to mention you have far too much self-respect and dignity to allow yourself to act so desperate.

 A sigma male values his time, his own company and is fully self-assured, knowing that he would never find himself in a situation where he would ever act so needy. In fact it’s more likely to be the other round – and we’ll come to that later in the episode.

When a man acts too available for a woman he starts to lose his value, and ultimately, her interest.

As humans, we are drawn to exclusivity.

Take for example a rare car; like a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. You don’t see one every day, it’s an exclusive – and that’s one of the reasons you appreciate it’s value. By invitation only, London’s The Club at The Ivy has high value because it’s super exclusive. These are examples of demonstrating value. The equation is that easily accessible subtracts value, while that which is difficult to access is more exclusive, and therefore, adds value.

When it comes to men, being too accessible and too invested in the relationship early on is something that can really turn a woman off – don’t ask why, it’s just the way it is. Being as switched on as he is, the sigma male is well aware of this fact but he also knows that it doesn’t actually apply to him – so he doesn’t have to worry. As a sigma, he is far more invested in the relationship with himself than he could ever be with another person. He is a busy man, with many irons in the fire when it comes to his own life. He will always be focused on his own goals, whether it be expanding his own business, completing personal projects, focusing on his physical and mental health, gaining new knowledge or learning new skills; the sigma male will likely be working on several of these at a time if not all of them. So, to put it bluntly: he simply doesn’t have time to dedicate to the pursuit of skirt. And thank god.

One of the most prominent traits that make up a sigma male is that he is self-sufficient. This means that the only person he depends on to meet his physical, emotional, spiritual or sexual needs is himself. He doesn’t have the need to chase after any woman; after all, they come to him, and why wouldn’t they when they see how self-reliant he is? That’s an instant turn-on.

His self-sufficiency means he can quite easily ignore a woman unintentionally, even if it’s one he really likes and this can certainly amp up her desire for him.

This independent, self-sufficient and lone wolf attitude the sigma possesses is one of the major elements that make up his status as a high value male.

A lot of women are attracted to wildness and mystery with a hint of danger; they are drawn to that which they cannot control. Opposite from boring and predictable, the sigma male is in luck here. As a male who has a natural rebellious streak, he ticks this box without even trying. He is automatically a rare jewel in the hands of a woman.

When we talk about a man who is uncontrollable, not only do we mean that he is a risk taker and at times a rule-breaker, but he is someone who is not easily manipulated by women. His dominant behaviour means that he always demonstrates that has his own mind and his own decision-making power that never waivers.

Due to the sigma male’s busy schedule, his focus on his own goals, achievements and on his own happiness, he’s not the type of guy to be ignored by women in the first place because by nature, he just doesn’t engage in the behaviours that create that dynamic. It’s in fact more likely to be the other way around with the sigma ignoring the woman in question – but he would never do this intentionally, he’s just got a lot going on in his life as a high value male.

Many men, especially those who are insecure (unlike the sigma male) like to play games with women they like or even when they just want a woman’s attention. These males will engage in slimy behaviours like posting pictures with other women on social media to create jealousy, or they will take doubly long to respond to the woman as she did to him in an attempt to make her feel rejected and ignored. They do this to make the woman obsess over them, and to their credit it may sometimes work – but it’s usually short lived because it isn’t genuine and the women see right through it – and furthermore, it’s a pretty gross way to treat another human being.

The sigma male is as far as you can get from this type of a-hole; the reason that he has success with women is because a) he doesn’t ignore them intentionally in order to manipulate them and their feelings; it’s purely incidental, and b) he doesn’t agree with this type of behaviour. It reeks of alpha male and the sigma does not want to be associated with that in any way, shape or form. He sits outside all of that hierarchy nonsense thank you very much.

Whether you’re an alpha male, beta male or somewhere in between, if a woman is treating you like crap and making you feel bad about yourself then you need to remember that you are worth far more than that; even if she is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen.

As they say, beauty attracts and personality conquers. She could be the most beautiful woman on the outside, but if she’s ugly on the inside or she has the personality of a tea towel then it’s kind of redundant.

 The social circle of the sigma male is extremely small and exclusive in itself, so he won’t give a second thought to turning down or letting go of spiteful and unpleasant women in his life who aren’t worthy of an exclusive invitation.

When they find a man who turns out to be different from all the rest, a woman can really fall hard for him. Instead of the usual creep constantly trying to get a response out of her and praising her all the time, putting her on a pedestal in order to get what he wants – when a woman finds a sigma male she is surprised and appreciative of the way that he treats her as an equal, with respect, and without harassing her – even kind of ignoring her. She can’t put her finger on it but she is intrigued and fascinated by him and recognises that guys like him don’t come around often.

The psychology of ignoring women only truly works if you are a male who has real value; so if you’re not a sigma male then that is something you should try to develop in as many areas of your life as possible.

 Of course we know that a sigma has an unfair advantage as he does all these things naturally, but even if you’re not a sigma there are still tricks you can take from his arsenal to become a high value man and use the psychology of ignoring a woman in the right way. As a recap:

  • If a woman is ignoring you then don’t harass her with constant texts – this a sure-fire way to turn her off for good.
  • Don’t play games and manipulate her or try to make her feel bad in return but strive to continue evolving your own life and moving forward.
  • Enjoy being by yourself, a man who is happy in solitude is a very powerful thing. This is very attractive to women and he also learns how to live a happier, more fulfilled life.
  • Be naturally focused on your own goals and your own happiness independently of the woman you like or anyone else.
  • Be busy and don’t be too available – you automatically become far more attractive when you’re time is scarce. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • Make more of an effort to be spontaneous and unpredictable.
  • Put yourself first. Prioritise your own physical and mental health before anyone else. Exercise, eat well, keep hydrated and take time out to focus on what makes you happy, maybe even consider practicing mediation. Women love a man who cares for every aspect of himself – just ask the sigma.

If you start employing these sigma tactics, then you’ll find three amazing things happen. Firstly, you will build your confidence in many areas of your life. Secondly, you’ll have a lot more women captivated by you naturally. And lastly, but most importantly, you’ll become a better version of yourself each day and learn to live a happier, freer, and more complete life, all by yourself. And there’s nothing (and no one) that can top that.