The struggles a sigma male faces in life are as unique as these rare lone wolves themselves. In fact, some of the major struggles faced throughout life are problems that non sigma males may never face or even realise exist. That’s why we here at Bloke Box have put together a guide to the major struggles faced throughout life by the sigma male. For most, this guide will help to get inside the mysterious mind of the sigma man. However, if the struggles on this list start to sound all too familiar, it’s a pretty good indication that you yourself may be one of this rare breed of man. So without further ado, here is an in depth look at the top 12 struggles that sigma males will find themselves wrestling with throughout the course of their lives.


Overbearing friends

The sigma male is by nature a lone wolf. His decision to live outside of the traditional social hierarchy means that he is generally unconcerned with pleasing others or winning friends. That being said, when a sigma male does choose to get close to someone and develop a friendship – you can be sure it’s for real. For that reason, when a friendship starts to become overbearing on a sigma he will naturally struggle. People who are constantly calling, texting, and start to become dependent on the sigma male’s strong and independent nature are in reality, his worst nightmare. A sigma male flourishes within a friendship that gives him the space to breathe and grow, and any friend who starts to over step the clear boundaries that a sigma sets will quickly find themselves being kept at arm’s length.


Strict work place environments

The highly thorough and innovative mindset of the sigma male means that he is usually a prized addition to any workplace. The fact that he is highly valued by his team, however, doesn’t stop the sigma male from facing a deep struggle when it comes to certain work place environments. Work place environments that try to enforce strict codes of behaviour with little wiggle room for innovation or self expression are just about impossible for sigma males to handle. In order to be able to do their work properly, they need a degree of freedom. As the sigma male always stays true to himself, he knows there’s no point in hanging around for an employer who doesn’t value his individuality, and in this case will simply take his talents elsewhere.


Keeping up with the latest fads and trends

The sigma male has no time for passing fads and trends. He prefers to live life walking down his own path, and quite frankly finds keeping up with trends that endlessly come and go a rather boring and tedious waste of his time. The sigma male listens only to himself, and can rarely be swayed by the preferences of others. That being said, it can be difficult for the sigma male to keep up with the latest trends of his peers. If you regularly find yourself out of the loop when it comes to the latest fab or pop culture gossip, it could be a strong indication that you are a sigma male – as this is one of the most common social struggles that they face. 


Clingy or controlling partners

Similar to how sigma males struggle deeply with friendships that become overbearing, there are few greater turn offs to a sigma male than a controlling partner. Sigma males are by nature rather avoidant of commitment as it is, so when a romantic partner starts to exhibit controlling behaviour, this triggers major alarm bells in the head of a sigma male. He is not one to allow himself to be manipulated or used, and romantic relationships that begin to feel this way will meet a swift end. A sigma male needs a romantic partner who values him for his individuality, and allows him the space and freedom to maintain the independent lifestyle that he is naturally built for.


Being in the spotlight

While in many ways they share traits, one of the most notable differences between a sigma male and his alpha counterparts is the sigma’s total aversion to being in the spotlight. Whereas alphas enjoy and thrive upon attention from others, the sigma male prefers to go about his business unbothered by others. However, his unique way of thinking and humble confidence often lead to the sigma male earning the respect, admiration, and then attention of others. His natural emotional intelligence means that the sigma male is generally able to handle the attention he does receive pretty well, but all things considered in his ideal world he would probably much rather just be left alone to get on with his own business.


Staying put

Possessing a naturally high intellect, analytical nature, and a great respect for independence – it comes as no surprise that the sigma male has a nearly unquenchable sense of curiosity. This natural curiosity manifests in many ways, but one of the most common struggles that a sigma male will face is having to stay put. Sigmas love to understand the world around them, and exploration runs through their veins. Being forced to stay in one place for too long without the opportunity to explore can really rub the sigma male the wrong way. If a sigma male starts to seem a little cagey, a good trip outside his comfort zone is usually a solid solution for easing his curious mind.



Intellectual deprivation

Just as a sigma male might find himself struggling with the inability to travel or explore, he also struggles when there is a lack of intellectual stimulation in his environment. The natural curiosity of a sigma male comes from his love of learning, and there’s nothing a sigma male loves more than getting to grips with a new topic. When a sigma male finds something interesting, he will read about it with a voracious appetite. With this in mind, a dull or dry environment that offers no intellectual stimulation is a nightmarish scenario for a sigma male to find himself stuck in. When a sigma male finds himself struggling with this intellectual deprivation, he will usually find a way to get himself out of that environment as quickly as possible


The envy of others

The unique, unrestrained, and independent nature of the sigma often comes at the envy of others. Alphas, betas, and beyond are all prone to viewing the sigma with hints of jealousy. The sigma male’s lack of interest in what others think of him means that he himself is unlikely to be bothered by any displays of jealousy that spring up around him. But sometimes he may find himself struggling with jealous alphas who are bothered by his inability to be controlled or manipulated. Luckily, the sigma male is used to dealing with people who struggle with his independent lifestyle, so dealing with a bit of jealousy or competitiveness from alphas every now and again tends to come with the territory.


Feeling misunderstood by others

A true lone and free thinker by nature, the sigma male is not always easily understood by those around him. He walks his own path through life, and disregards the conventional norms and expectations of society. It’s no surprise that people tend to find these men mysterious or hard to read. As a result, the sigma male might struggle with being misunderstood by those around him. However, as an outcast by choice, this doesn’t necessarily bother the sigma male. In fact, after seeing how the sigma male’s unique approach to life usually works out in his favour – that mysteriousness is likely to become a source of respect from his peers – whether or not they understand it.


Listening to authority figures

The sigma male is, by nature, somewhat of a maverick. He has no time for rules or regulations that he deems pointless or arbitrary. The sigma male instead develops his own highly thought through set of ideals and principles, and swears by them throughout life. Others on the outside may not understand or agree with the sigma’s set of principles, but to him they are rock solid. When it comes to rules or regulations imposed on him from the outside,  the sigma male tends to disregard them. This can sometimes lead to him getting into a bit of trouble, but it’s only to be expected – these men are naturally risk takers and rule breakers through and through.



The highly intelligent and analytical nature of the sigma male means that he loves to think things through with a great degree of thoroughness. Sigma males can spend hours pondering over a single topic, and even when they’ve thought through every possibility, it’s likely that they will still go back and reconsider – just to be sure. There’s nothing a sigma male hates more than leaving a stone unturned, and so he often finds himself prone to overthinking and overanalyzing situations. While this can sometimes be a struggle for the sigma man, it also works to his benefit, as he is likely to spot possibilities, miscalculations, or errors that might slip under the radar of less thorough thinkers.


Lack of progression

As evidenced by his tendency to overthink things, there’s nothing more infuriating to a sigma male than an idle mind. The sigma male needs constant progression and thrives off of learning. That’s why lack of progression is perhaps the greatest frustration that a sigma male can find himself struggling with in life. The most rewarding thing to a sigma male is having the freedom and independence to grow in his own direction without restriction. As idleness is the antithesis to growth and learning, the sigma male is prone to devoting all of his energy to avoid being left without the stimulation, self-sufficiency, and independence that allow him to grow in the way that his lone wolf nature pushes him to.

As we can see, the vast majority of the struggles that the sigma male faces in life arise from situations that cause him to feel restricted. A true sigma male will hear these struggles and know all too well the unique set of frustrations that come with being a sigma. If most or all of these struggles sound familiar, it’s a strong indication that you yourself may indeed be one of the rare sigma males.