Sigma males have a reputation for being mysterious and particularly difficult to pin down. They possess a very rare amalgamation of personality traits that draw from both introverted and extroverted types. This leaves a lot of people scratching their heads trying to work out just what exactly is going on inside the head of these lone wolves. One of their most notable introverted qualities is the fact that they tend not to share their thoughts aloud, so, to many, the inner workings of the sigma male are, and will likely remain a mystery. That is, until now, because we’re going to decode this mysterious figure and explore the secrets of the sigma males.


They’re seriously smart

Sigma males possess a natural intellect that allows them to perceive the world around them in great depth. They tend to be lifelong learners who spend their whole lives passionately learning about as much as possible. Their high intellect and strong ability to retain knowledge often earn them the reputation of a walking encyclopedia, and they will always be the first person others turn to if they want to know the answer to a question.

Sigma males don’t like to box themselves in in any area of life, and as such tend to have noticeably broad bases of knowledge that can span topics that present a lot of contrast to one another. What’s more, sigma males are never intimidated by the fact that there’s something they don’t know. They embrace any area of ignorance they feel they might have and are enthusiastic about filling in the gaps, rather than living in blissful ignorance. 


They don’t care what you think about them

Whereas most men in society gain some degree of their sense of worth from the opinions that others hold of them, this is not true of the sigma males. Sigma males are lone wolves insofar as they live outside of the hierarchy of social dominance. This means that their “rank” in comparison to others is not what defines their behaviour, nor their self worth. When it comes to impressing others, there is only one opinion that truly matters to the sigma male – and that’s his own. He won’t waste his efforts trying to win the approval or affection of those around him, because – although he might never say it aloud – he honestly doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks of him.


They make good leaders – when they have to

Being introverted in nature, sigma males don’t like to make too much of a show of broadcasting their more extroverted qualities. But the truth is, sigma males possess a mix of both introverted and extroverted characteristics – many of which seem to contradict each other. In fact, some have even taken to describing the sigma male as the “introverted alpha.” This refers to the fact that even though he may be naturally reserved and prefer to keep to himself, the sigma male can in fact make a very strong leader when the need arises. He keeps a cool head and is able to treat everyone as equals, as he doesn’t care for rubbing shoulders with those he deems “popular” or “more important.” When sigmas take charge, they almost always win a lot of respect from their team and prove to be strong leaders. This, however, is something they most often choose to keep to themselves.


They’re not “shy”

As we’ve said, part of the reason why sigma males are so intriguing and mysterious to the outside is because of the seemingly contradictory set of introverted and extroverted personality traits that they possess. While they do love to be alone, it’s all too common a misconception that this fact is down to them being “shy.” This could not be further from the truth. Whereas shyness stems from a deep-set sense of fear of rejection, the sigma male’s choice to stick to himself comes more from a place of confidence.  He knows that he has nothing to prove to anyone else, and so does not force himself to speak up unless he has something he believes is truly valuable to say. While others might view this reservation as shyness, sigma males know this is in fact anything but the case.


They have odd and eclectic interests

As we’ve said, sigma males tend to have razor sharp intellect and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the things they’re interested in. When it comes to the development of these interests, sigma males truly embody what it means to be a lone wolf. Their lack of concern for judgement at the hand of others means that they feel far freer than most others in society to explore the interests that truly fill them with passion. They are never afraid of what the people around them will say if they develop a unique or unusual hobby. For that reason, sigma males often end up with a range of quirky or niche hobbies and interests that others may be surprised to find out about. Sigma males never brag about their hobbies or achievements, so the true range of their odd and eclectic interests can often remain a well-kept secret.


They leave no stone unturned

Sigma males are highly thorough in their thought patterns. They are naturally deep thinkers who can reach almost obsessive levels when it comes to making sure they’ve looked at something from every angle. There’s nothing a sigma male hates more than being caught off guard, and analysing everything to its full extent is one of the best tools in their arsenal when it comes to avoiding being blindsided. Though his appearance and demeanour may give the impression that he arrives at every decision or conclusion with ease, the truth is that the sigma male carefully turns every possibility over in his mind before setting anything in stone. His cool exterior usually does little to give it away, but sigma males tend to be at least one step ahead of just about everyone around them.


They trust very few

As lone wolves, sigma males do not rely on those around them for anything. They are averse to any sense of dependency and will do just about anything to avoid the sensation of needing to rely on others. He devotes ample time and resources towards growing in such a way that he is as self-sufficient as possible, and that’s why he tends to keep very few people close to him. The friends and close associates a sigma male does choose to keep can often take many years to reach that level of closeness. Sigma males don’t rush into letting in those around them, and so they take a particularly long time to build up trust. At the end of the day, this usually means that there are very few people a sigma male trusts in the world. If you happen to be close friends with a sigma male, count yourself lucky – as not many get to lay claim to such a title!


They can be obsessive about problem solving

A lot of people subconsciously shy away from addressing problems that they know are going to be particularly difficult to fix. At best, they might try to address some of the surface level symptoms of an issue but will shy away from digging into the real meat of an issue. For the sigma male, however, this is simply not an option. Sigma males are absolutely obsessed with solving problems, especially when it comes to addressing issues with their own character or lifestyle. Sigma males know that growth and independence are inextricably linked, and his pursuit of freedom and autonomy is underpinned by a constant need to tackle the problems that might be holding him back. To the outside, it might seem like a sigma male naturally has all of his affairs in order and himself under control, but this is not without a deep, concentrated effort on problem solving and growth.


They are constantly analysing

Sigma males possess a cool and calm exterior that adds to the air of mystery that they are often known for. It can be highly difficult to tell what’s going on in a sigma’s mind, and the true nature of their thoughts is one of their greatest kept secrets. In truth, the thought processes of sigma males are highly analytical in nature. Their highly perceptive way of looking at the world is attuned to pick up on small details that others miss and is underpinned by a highly analytical mindset. Though they can appear highly calm and stoic to the outside, often the sigma male’s mind will be filled with a whirl of complicated thoughts rushing back and forth. The stoic appearance of a sigma male should not let you be fooled, they’re almost certainly analysing whatever is in front of them!


They prefer to be by themselves

Sigma males don’t tend to voice their needs or preferences to others in a way that is in your face. They normally just conduct themselves as they see fit, and those around them just naturally get the message. Sigma males love to be alone but don’t feel the need to broadcast this to the world. Sigma males are not antisocial creatures, they merely respect the introverted nature of their social personalities. Introverted personality types often feel exhausted by overexposure to social settings, and need plenty of time alone to relax and recharge. Sigma males use their time alone to process everything they’ve experienced, and doing so is central to their constant growth and their sense of autonomy. A sigma male might never openly “declare” himself to be a loner, but the truth is that they prefer to be by themselves most of the time.


They’re not as intimidating as they might seem

The quiet, aloof, and intelligent nature of the sigma male can, understandably, leave many of those around them feeling somewhat intimidated. Most people are used to having to play the games of the social dominance hierarchy in order to feel liked or appreciated in society, and the fact that the sigma male so casually rejects this norm can be shocking and intimidating to many. But in truth, all sigma males really want is to do their own thing and be left unbothered by society’s demands and expectations. They are not as cold or intimidating as their stoic exterior might suggest. As they’re not very verbal with their inner thoughts, and they tend not to care what impression others have of them, they do little to dispel any reputation as being intimidating that might form around them, but secretly sigma males tend to be a harmless, if perhaps a tad misunderstood, personality type!