To most people, sigma males are something of an enigma. They are the lone wolves of this world who don’t quite fit in to any of the boxes we traditionally break society down into. Instead, these free spirited and independent men walk their own path in life, and reject social obligations or expectations. In contrast to alphas and betas, sigmas are known for their choice to live outside of the social dominance hierarchy, something that can be hard for others to wrap their heads around. As a consequence of their rare and elusive nature, sigma males have a tendency to confuse, and at times intimidate others. The reasons behind this phenomenon, and whether or not it is at all justified is what we are going to explore here.

Sigma males don’t care what others think

Sigma males don’t live their lives according to what others think of them.Unlike alphas and betas, they are entirely uninterested in fitting in to a particular role in society, and reject occupying a spot within the traditional social dominance hierarchy. Instead of letting their worth and position in society be determined by their relationship to others, sigma males set their own standards and walk their own path. Especially for those who rely particularly heavily on their relationships with others in order to make sense of their place in the world, the sigma’s total independence can be somewhat shocking and intimidating.

Sigmas write their own rules

One consequence of the sigma’s independence is that he writes his own rules for life. He values his own judgement above that of society, and therefore creates his own set of rules to live by. This can make it quite difficult to predict exactly what a sigma male will do, or how he will react in a given situation. For this reason, sigma males are sometimes profiled as having a moral compass that can not be understood as black and white, but lies in a more grey zone. People who are unfamiliar with a sigma male might at times find themselves intimidated by his unique sense of moral compass. 

It’s impossible to tell what they’re thinking

Sigma males are naturally introverted, and don’t give away their inner thoughts or feelings easily. They tend to keep to themselves and only share their innermost thoughts and feelings with those they truly trust. Their somewhat asocial nature means that they are not often very well versed in expressing their inner dialogue and don’t use the same social cues as those around them. People who spend time in the company of a sigma male might struggle at first to understand his unique way of expressing himself, and can feel intimidated by the fact that they can not tell what’s going through his mind and what exactly his intentions may be.

They don’t spook easily

The primary goal of a sigma male in life is to be as independent as possible. In order to maintain his independence, a sigma male needs to learn to confront life’s challenges head on. Pretty quickly, this leads to the sigma male developing a deep sense of resilience that can be hard to shake. Even when he feels worried or uncertain about a situation, sigma males understand that showing fear and anxiety is a waste of energy that could be better spent simply tackling the issue at hand. Especially to the outside, sigma males are not easily phased by the challenges that life throws at them, and their ability to resist being spooked in the face of risk, danger, or complication can leave the more anxious minded people around them feeling intimidated.

They are quietly confident

For many people, confidence is equated with being loud and assertive. This is not the case for the sigma male. Sigma males spend a lot of time reflecting, and end up developing a deep sense of self awareness. This self awareness in turn translates in to a quiet confidence that wins respect and commands authority without the sigma male needing to assert himself. Simply by being himself, the sigma male exudes a natural confidence that can be disarming for those used to more abrasive displays of confidence. The uniquely calm and quiet confidence exuded by the sigma male lies at the heart of why more insecure men may find him intimidating.

They’re highly skilled

Sigma males are serious about their passions, and love nothing more than getting stuck in to a project. They like to explore their interests to their fullest, and quite often end up becoming experts on various topics. Their dedication to the interests that they are most passionate about often end up producing sigma males with highly developed skill sets. In many cases, these skills may lie in areas that are completely unrelated to one another – given the sigma male’s naturally curious nature and willingness to explore. This can end up giving the impression that the sigma male is a jack of all trades who is good at everything, something that others can understandably be intimidated by.

They find the spotlight without trying

The sigma male’s quiet confidence means that he is highly unlikely to seek attention or want to be in the spotlight. He is, of course, a lone wolf by nature, and generally prefers to stick to himself and go under the radar. However, his natural intelligence, innovative approach, and confidence mean that all too often the sigma male finds himself thrust into the spotlight. Famous sigma males like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk never set out to become global icons – they simply followed their own path in life and as a consequence ended up in the spotlight. The natural ability of the sigma male to draw praise and admiration even when he does not seek it out can make him the focus of jealousy and feelings of intimidation from others.

They stick to their guns

Sigma males spend so much time observing their surroundings and reflecting. They see things as they truly are, and don’t get caught up and lost in superficial details. Being so in tune with themselves and their surroundings, sigma males possess a keen sense of instinct and intuition. Walking their own path through life requires trusting these instincts and listening to their gut. When a sigma male feels an intuition about something, it can be almost impossible to persuade him otherwise. Some people find the sharp intuition of the sigma male intimidating, as it can sometimes feel as if he always knows something that the people around him don’t.

They can come across as a rebel

Everyone knows that the heart of the sigma personality is a life of total independence and an aversion to authority. It should come as no surprise that, even with his introverted nature, the sigma male can come across as some what of a rebel. He refuses to follow rules that he doesn’t agree with and works by his own set of moral and social standards. What others don’t understand is that the sigma male is not intentionally making an attempt to rebel, he is simply unable to deviate from his totally independent nature. Nevertheless, his apparent rebellion is one of the ways the sigma male intimidates people around him.

They treat everyone equally

Given their removed position in society, sigma males do not see value in people according to their position on the social dominance hierarchy. Unlike most others, sigma males do not assign value to their peers based on social factors such as status, power, or popularity. As a consequence, sigma males are known for their tendency to treat everyone they meet equally – regardless of their “social stats.” To those on the outside who base their behaviour heavily on their position in the social dominance hierarchy, the egalitarian attitude of the sigma male can be hard to comprehend, and even a little intimidating.

Women are naturally drawn to them

Given all their impressive characteristics such as intelligence, skill, humility, and a penchant for deep reflection, it is no surprise that sigma males present a natural allure to many women. Their down to earth and introverted nature gives them an aloof and intriguing aura that women often find difficult to resist. Other men, like the alphas and betas, often have to work so hard to win the attention of women that the seemingly effortless allure of the sigma male can often be the source of considerable intimidation among his peers.

They are prone to financial success

The sigma male is an intelligent and innovative thinker. Beyond this, he has a serious work ethic and sense of dedication. His ideas are rarely about keeping to the status quo, and more often he sigma male situates himself at the heart of innovation. For this reason, sigma males tend to make great thought leaders, as they inspire others to generate new approaches and solutions to the world around them. Sigma males harness their unusual combination of natural abilities both in their personal and professional lives, and this often results in financial success – even when that wasn’t the intended goal. Understandably, the seemingly natural financial success of the sigma male can leave others feeling disadvantaged, intimidated, and sometimes even envious.

They always achieve their goals

The sigma male possesses an ability to focus that tends to surpass his other male counterparts. He has an attitude of precision and dedication and refuses to let external obstacles get in his way. The average sigma harnesses this sharp focus and passion for his goals to generate achievement. As he is the only person able to set a goal for himself, he tends to stop at nothing until he has achieved it. Sigma males owe a lot of their success to this goal-oriented ability, which to the outside can come across as being entirely natural, or some sort of gifted ability to achieve the goals he sets his mind to. For men of lesser focus and dedication, the achievements of the sigma male can act as a reminder of their own shortcomings.

They are totally independent

Independence is something that most people strive for in life. The ability to do what they want, when they want, and being unrestricted by the judgement of others. While most people strive for this, the reality is that few actually achieve it. The sigma male on the other hand not only strives for independence, but actually achieves it. He lives his life relying as little as possible on the external, and champions freedom and autonomy. Especially for those who seek the same independence but are unable to cultivate it, the total freedom of the sigma male inspires equal parts intimidation and awe.

This has been our exploration of the unique position in society that is occupied by the sigma male, and how it has an intimidating effect on many of those around him. Luckily, however, the sigma male’s natural humility allows him to maintain pleasant social relations with even those that are intimidated by him.