Do you spend your money like a sigma male?

This is an interesting question, as sigma males are known for their disinterest in material success. Chasing money, luxury goods, and status symbols is a pursuit that simply does not align with the values and priorities held by the sigma male. The sigma’s choice to live outside the traditional bounds of the socio-sexual hierarchy of dominance means that he has little need for the objects that other men spend a lot of their income on in an attempt to impress others or solidify their rank in the social hierarchy. Rather, the sigma male dedicates himself to a lifestyle of total freedom and independence.

And what’s more, sigma males are often noted to perform fairly well financially – due to their creativity, focus, and ability to think outside the box. So how does a financially successful male spend his money when he is not bound by social status? Here’s the Bloke Box dive in to exactly what sigma males choose to spend their money on.


Practicality and durability

SAs status symbols mean so little to them, sigma males are generally unbothered by keeping up to date with the latest fashions and trends when it comes to the products they buy. Rather than prioritise surface level status appeal, sigma males would rather spend their money on products that they can rely on for their performance and durability. A sigma male would generally rather invest his money in a sturdy pair of all purpose boots, for instance, than the latest model of designer trainer that’s attracting this season’s hype. Using this practical and logical approach to spending, the sigma male often develops a style that is both unique and practical, as opposed to shaped by the fashions and trends of those whose sole purpose is to impress one another.


His hobbies

The sigma male is known for possessing a wide variety of hobbies, about which he cares passionately. A sigma male is generally more than happy to devote a significant portion of the money he makes in order to enjoy these hobbies to their fullest. Whether this means investing in high quality equipment for a sport like golf or surfing, or paying for a membership fee to a workshop or sports centre – a sigma male knows that it’s worth paying the price in order to squeeze the most out of his passions. And as they love nothing more than being independent, they are more than happy to invest a bit of money if it means being able to grab their own gear and head out whenever the mood takes them, as opposed to relying on borrowing or renting the equipment they need.


Alone time

Sigma males are, by nature, rather introverted and reserved personalities. Being introverted, they usually find themselves energised after they have spent time alone reconnecting with themselves. As sigma males understand the importance of this alone time when it comes to staying grounded, they are usually happy to spend some of their money making sure that this alone time is of a high quality. Sigma men have no problem paying a little extra to get away from it all, whether that means taking a trip to somewhere remote, investing in some camping gear, or just going for a spontaneous drive.



Personal freedom is of the utmost priority to the sigma male. This applies to both his overall path in life, as well as in his day to day matters. In order to preserve this freedom, the sigma male is generally willing to invest significant effort and resources in to maintaining a high degree of mobility within his life. This may include spending a lot of time researching and selecting the perfect vehicle to allow him to stay on the go. Rather than spend money on a flashy car, the sigma male would rather spend his money on a model he knows will reliably take him where he wants to go. Many sigma males enjoy working remotely, and it’s increasingly common for them to work as digital nomads. With this lifestyle in mind, it makes sense for them to designate a significant portion of their income towards maintaining their physical freedom and mobility.


High quality entertainment

The sigma male is a naturally deep thinker, and typically does not enjoy the fickle types of pop entertainment that many people find themselves getting sucked in to. Rather than spend hours scrolling social media feeds for entertainment, sigma males tend to be far more selective and careful with the content they consider for their entertainment. Sigma males enjoy consuming content that connects with them on a deep level and offers them genuine food for thought. It’s not uncommon to see sigma males splash out a little extra to make sure they’re getting their money’s worth when it comes to their entertainment – paying for things that others opt to get for free, such as podcasts, music, and newspaper subscriptions.


Inner wellbeing

A lone wolf by nature, throughout his life the sigma male generally develops a high degree of self confidence and awareness of his self worth. Knowing his true value and worth lies at the heart of his desire to maintain a sense of inner wellbeing throughout life. This can come in many forms, from looking after his mental health through relaxation and meditation programs, to making sure his nutrition and health routines are up to scratch. Sigma males are happy to pay a little extra for good quality food, exercise, and wellbeing measures to ensure that they are treating themselves with exactly the degree of respect they know their body and mind deserve.



Sigma males are well known for the high level of curiosity they possess towards the world around them. Their natural intelligence and easily stimulated minds mean that they are routinely fascinated by a wide variety of subjects that they encounter as they go through life. Being deep thinkers, sigma males possess an innate determination to understand the things that fascinate them beyond just a surface level of understanding. They will dedicate ample time and resources, including money, into the task of properly educating themselves, and can often be seen to pay money for courses or classes that give them a true level of expertise, and insight into the subjects that fascinate them most.


Novel experiences

Another consequence of the sigma male’s natural curiosity towards the world is his constant desire to experience new and exciting things. In fact, this is where the sigma male’s reputation for being a bit of a risk taker comes from, as he is usually the first one to sign up for a new and exciting experience, regardless of the risks. Sigma males are generally happy to devote financial resources into gaining novel experiences, and don’t mind spending a bit of money trying something new if it means potentially uncovering a whole new passion or interest.


A productive work environment

It can be almost impossible to get a sigma male to buckle down and devote himself to something for which he has little personal interest. For this reason, many sigma males end up as freelancers, self-employed workers, or entrepreneurs. When it comes to their professional lives, they like to possess as much autonomy as possible, and this fuels their determination and focus. When doing something they are truly passionate about for their career, productivity becomes a high priority for the sigma male. When it comes to carving out a work environment for themselves, the sigma male is usually one to pour as much resources as necessary into ensuring that his workspace is one of efficiency and productivity. Whether it be a traditional office, a coworking space, or a personal home office, the sigma male knows that investing in a productive work environment is key to manifesting the focus that produces his ultimate success.



As sigma males are so innately curious about the world around them, travel is often one of their preferred ways of spending free time. Many sigma males even go so far as to design their work life balance in such a way that it is optimised to facilitate their love of travel – for instance working seasonally, or as a digital nomad. Of course, this means that travel is something that the average sigma male is more than happy to devote some of his financial resources towards. What’s more, sigma males like things to be done to the best of their ability, so when planning a trip these men would rather spend a little extra to get their money’s worth rather than simply opting for the cheapest option and missing out on a valuable experience they could have otherwise had by simply spending a little extra.


Long term investments

The sigma mind is calculating, focused, and logical in nature. This is part of the reason why they tend to have a somewhat frugal reputation when it comes to spending, coupled with their disinterest in luxury or status symbol items. When it comes to their disposable income, the logical and forward thinking part of the sigma mind means that he is more likely to devote his excess wealth to making a long term investment, rather than a series of petty purchases. Sigmas are happy to devote time and money into researching the best long term investment opportunities available to them, and many sigma males have amassed considerable wealth through their investments in emerging markets such as technology and cryptocurrency.



Part of his desire to remain as independent as possible is the sigma male’s dedication to maintaining whatever objects or gadgets he does allow himself to rely upon. Not only will he favour practicality over image when it comes to the items he purchases, but he will also devote significant time and resources into making sure they are kept in top condition. The sigma male hates nothing more than being caught unprepared, and maintaining his car, home, and technological gadgets is of a high priority. A sigma male possesses a lot of respect for the items he owns, as they are purely for his own happiness and not that of anyone else on the social hierarchy, so looking after his possessions and having them regularly serviced is one expense he won’t skip out on.


Personal space

A pretty introverted and reserved character by nature, it should come as no surprise that the sigma male is willing to devote a significant amount of resources into maintaining a personal space that he finds comfortable, productive, and rejuvenating. Spending time alone in his personal space is one of the most important and potent ways in which a sigma male recharges his energy levels and develops his ability to connect with his inner self. By investing in a space that both stimulates his creativity, and simultaneously allows him to disconnect from the world and reflect, the sigma male stays true to his self sufficient, lone wolf nature.



The exact nature of what counts as adventure of course differs from individual to individual, but a thirst for new and exciting experiences is an almost universal trait across all sigma males. Their innate curiosity and lack of fear due to their high degree of self confidence, means that the sigma male is often highly dedicated to pursuing eye opening experiences that expand his horizons. Whether this be through travel, trying out a new hobby, or even diving into learning a subject he previously didn’t know about, the sigma male lives to fulfil a sense of adventure. It’s highly common to observe sigma males readily devoting their financial resources to fulfilling this desire for adventure, devoting themselves to personal growth above gaining status.

As is clear from this list, the things that sigma males choose to spend their money on are more concerned with experience and quality of life, over status, image, or gaining the respect and praise of others. This money spending attitude is a trait that once recognised, leads a lot of sigma males to better understanding themselves. Do these sigma preferences line up with your own way of spending money? Let us know about your financial attitude down in the comments section.