In recent years, there has been an ever increasing interest in the life and personality of the sigma male. Sigma males make up the rarest of all the male personality types in relation to the socio-sexual dominance hierarchy. What makes these males so rare is that they choose to reject the social dominance hierarchy entirely, and instead walk their own path in life free from the constraints and obligations of social hierarchies. Part of the reason why there is so much interest in deciphering the sigma male is that they have earned a reputation for success. Some of the most successful and influential men of our time, including Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, have been identified by many as sigma males. So we’re going to dive in to the depths of this puzzle and try to decipher what exactly is so powerful about the sigma male and why he wins in life. 

Let’s get right in to it!

They are not held back by fear of judgement

Most people in society live their lives to some degree in fear of what others around them think of them. The sigma male, on the other hand, is concerned only by what he thinks of himself. The judgements and expectations of others mean little to the sigma, as long as he is living the way he deems best for himself. This means that sigma males are able to follow their instincts and be truly themselves to a degree which most others could only dream of, as they are too afraid of what people would think of them. This freedom and self confidence is one of the major reasons sigmas so often see themselves excelling in life.

They do not restrict themselves

Rather than box themselves in to one social role or another, as is often the case with alpha and beta males, sigma males afford themselves the personal freedom to be many things at once. They do not restrict their image, hobbies, or opinions to fit with a given “idea” that others have of them, and freely pursue passions out of sheer will. Their natural freedom and sheer refusal to be boxed in allow them to explore a wide range of interests, meaning there’s a much higher chance for a sigma male to find his true calling in life.

They acknowledge their limitations

Whereas alpha and beta males sometimes find themselves at odds with threats to their ego, the sigma male is is relatively unconcerned with damage to his ego. This is because he is unafraid of acknowledging where his limitations lie. Rather than fearing his weaknesses being brought to his attention, the sigma male embraces limitations as a challenge and an opportunity to grow. Through possessing an acute knowledge of where his limits lie, the sigma male is able to realistically judge his abilities and this often leads him to pursue the opportunities that are most perfectly suited to him, and in which he is likely to succeed.

They reflect and learn from the past

Sigma males are known for being deep thinkers, with a natural tendency towards introversion. Rather than seek attention and admiration from the outside, sigma males direct their efforts inwardly and love nothing more than taking a good hard look at themselves. One of the major benefits of this reflective nature is that sigma males are exceptionally good at learning from the past and hate nothing more than making the same mistake twice. A key reason behind the success of the sigma male in life is his keen ability to reflect and grow.

They are honest

Sigma males are notable for just how honest they consistently are – both with themselves and those around them. Sigma males would rather have the honest facts and a clear picture of themselves and their reality, rather than be comforted by falsehoods. They are honest with themselves about their abilities, and don’t like to sugarcoat facts to the people around them. At times, this can earn sigma males a reputation for being a little too blunt or direct, but ultimately the old adage that honesty is the best policy rings true, and being straight forward really does pay off.

They are natural born risk takers

Sigma males live life with little fear of failure. Their quiet confidence and naturally adventurous spirit mean that they are more likely than most to push boundaries and take risks in life. Their ability to throw themselves into new situations without a fear of judgement or failure often results in success and innovation. This is a major reason why some sigma males make up some of the best known innovators and thought leaders of our time, like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. These pioneers were only able to succeed due to their willingness to take risks and go where no man had gone before.

They have a natural intellectual thirst

The mind of a sigma male works fast, and these men often find themselves plagued by a seemingly unquenchable intellectual thirst. They enjoy thinking deeply about a topic, and once something catches their interest they are likely to explore it to its end. Sigma males commonly become experts in their fields of interest, and many of them feed their intellectual thirst through autodidactic learning, or the process of teaching oneself. You can often spot a sigma male for his ability to rattle off seemingly endless numbers of facts, and this level of expert knowledge often takes him to heights of success.

They are highly focused

When a sigma male does something he loves, his focus becomes razor sharp. Sigma males are remarkably passionate about their interests, and truly devote themselves to their goals. At the heart of this unique ability to focus is the sigma male’s naturally high intellectual capacity, in combination with his passionate nature. The focus with which sigma males take on a task means that they don’t rest until it’s completed, and often earn themselves a reputation as a perfectionist. When it comes to succeeding in life, this perfectionism presents a huge advantage to sigma males, and often pushes them up the ladder of success.

They are effective leaders

It has often been said about the sigma male that he is an “introverted alpha” of sorts, and there is great truth to this. The sigma male possesses many of the trademark qualities of the alpha male, such as confidence and dedication, yet he doesn’t feel the need to assert himself over others. Yet, when necessary, the sigma male can harness his inner qualities and rise to occupy the same position of an alpha, becoming a strong and effective leader. As sigma males lead without ego, they are often silent leaders, and this quiet confidence in fact earns them even more respect than that of a brash and commanding leader.

He is confident in his skill set

As he is highly honest with himself, the sigma male is acutely aware of both his skills and limitations. Unafraid to confront his own weaknesses, the sigma male is highly trained in the art of skill development, and can quickly identify the areas of life that he needs to work on. Sigma males channel this awareness into growth, and this gives them great self-awareness and confidence in their skill sets. Throughout life, this confidence and self-awareness proves to be a major factor of success for the sigma male, as he knows exactly where his talents will be most appreciated and directs his efforts there.

 They are analytical thinkers

Sigma males possess a highly analytical way of thinking about the world around them. They value logic and reason above all else, and treat their environments with more than a healthy dose of scepticism. They do not suffer fools lightly, and will devote a lot of their energy into analysing a situation in order to find the best possible outcome. Often, this analytical nature leads sigma males to think outside of the box, and this is a large part of the reason why they are so well known for their roles as pioneers and social innovators. Despite being lone wolves, sigma males make for highly valued team members, as they often spot things that go unnoticed by others.

They are self aware

Self awareness is one of the greatest strengths of a sigma male. Usually at a fairly young age, sigmas become aware of the fact that they may not exactly “fit in”, and seem to have a way of thinking and doing things that is distinctly different from that of their peers. Sigma males quickly learn to embrace this difference, and cast aside the expectations that society might hold for them. As their ultimate goal is to live as independently as possible, they invest a great deal of time into self reflection, and thus possess a level of self awareness that often lends itself greatly to their success in life.

They take their goals seriously

Free from social pressure and expectations, sigma males are entirely free to set their own goals in life. This means that when a sigma male does set himself a goal, you can bet he’s going to take it seriously. Sigma males are determined by nature and become incredibly focused when it comes to living up to their own goals and expectations. Sigma males so often succeed in life because when they set their eyes on a target, almost nothing will stop them until they hit it.

They are natural explorers

The intellectual thirst of the sigma male lends itself to a natural curiosity that cannot be quenched. Sigma males tend to possess a general fascination for the world around them, and love exploring new, unchartered territories. They are unafraid of pushing boundaries and this often takes them ahead of the pack. The sigma male’s love for exploring new ideas is a major part of the reason why they make for some of the most successful innovators and entrepreneurs.

They have the freedom to enjoy the best of both worlds

The real power of the sigma male is his freedom to choose his lifestyle. His introversion, independence, and love of autonomy mean that he is able to walk his own path in life free from judgement or disappointment. Yet, his confidence and well developed skill set mean that he is also a valuable team player and can even become a powerful leader. Ultimately, it is their freedom to be whatever they please that truly sees the sigma male win in life.