Often, society tries to teach us that success has to match the profile of an extrovert. Going to lots of parties, receiving lots of praise and attention, and always being at the centre are seen as rewards for being talented, and benchmarks of success. This, however, is a very narrow view of what truly counts as success, and fails to take in to account the more subtle, introverted skills that make for a successful life. While alphas and betas may be more concerned with gaining recognition from their peers and trying to play their luck on the social ladder, sigma males have their own unique agenda which sees them through life. We are going to unpack exactly what the sigma male is best at and how we can view his success, by looking at the top life skills that sigma males manifest effortlessly.


As sigma males do not feel the need to be at the centre of attention in social situations, they develop an excellent ability to take a step back and practice the role of observer. Sigma males naturally have a great eye for detail and are able to spot nuances that might go right over others’ heads. Being able to pick up on the subtleties of social situations, even when they are not at the centre of them, helps sigma males to navigate life with greater insight, and is a large part of the reason why they are so good at quietly manifesting success without drawing too much attention to themselves.


Patience is one virtue that sigma males have in spades. Sigmas place value on things that go beyond superficial impressiveness. They are more attracted to achievements that require real hard work and effort, as opposed to merely seeming impressive. Valuing effort and dedication means that sigmas quickly develop an aptitude for patience. They routinely sow the seeds of success years, or even decades, before others are able to see the fruits of their labour. And so they put their patience to good use, because when a sigma male comes up with a plan, he will stick to it no matter what.


Sigma males are born with a natural sense of initiative. They have no interest in sitting around and waiting for life to pass them by. They want to squeeze as much experience out of life as possible, and this is what lies at the root of their sense of initiative. Sigma males aren’t afraid to put themselves up as the first to try something new, and love putting their analytical skills to good work by trying to figure out new ways to approach a problem. The natural initiative of the sigma male is a major reason why so many successful inventors, such as Steve Jobs, had the massive impact they did on the world.


Sigma males are deeply in tune with themselves and their passions in life. They do not set goals in the hope of winning favour or popularity among others. They only set themselves goals that they are truly passionate about. As a result, they take these goals very seriously and have a unique ability to dedicate themselves wholly to a task. To the outside, sigma males may come across as perfectionists, because they are able to devote themselves so intensely to achieving whatever it is they have set their sights on. This perfectionism is really just the sigma male dedication manifesting in full swing. 


Sigma males sometimes earn themselves a bit of a reputation for being blunt or direct, but this is really down to their strong appreciation of honesty. As they don’t set out trying to please or impress others, they rarely have a reason to lie or exaggerate. They know that dishonesty only serves to hinder results, and try to live with as much honesty as possible. Sigma males don’t have to try to be honest towards others, lies and deception simply aren’t part of their nature. Those who get close to a sigma male come to appreciate the natural honesty that sigmas possess as one of their most endearing qualities.

Analytical thinking

Sigma males are born naturally as analytical thinkers who are geared towards problem solving. They are always eager to improve the efficiency of the systems and processes that they participate in. They leave nothing unquestioned and are happy to spend long amounts of time thinking things through to their end. Their analytical capabilities provide them a unique talent for seeing possibilities for improvement where others don’t, often leading them to the position of an innovator in their field. 


A lot of a sigma male’s time is spent on self reflection. They dedicate their down time towards deep thinking and developing their self awareness. This ends up leaving sigma males with an acutely accurate understanding of where both their skills and limitations lie. That’s why, when presented with a challenge, sigma males always dive right in. To the outside, this may seem like total lack of abandon or risk taking, but the fearless attitude of sigma males is the natural consequence of understanding exactly what they’re capable of.

Staying cool

The natural thought pattern of the sigma male is highly analytical. They care deeply about exhibiting control over their own thoughts and behaviours, and analyse themselves in order to be able to do so. The ability to stay calm and collected, even in a crisis situation, is one of the most beneficial life skills that sigma males possess. It often sees them able to work themselves out of difficult situations, and can lead to them being looked to as a figure of wisdom or authority in a moment of crisis. In such difficult times, sigma males are able to stay calm and focused and have a marked ability to think and analyse the best way out of a situation.

Quiet leadership

The position of leader in our society is most commonly associated with the alpha male, but this does not account for the unique approach to leadership that arises in the sigma male. Sigma males, on the other hand, don’t possess the natural desire to reach the top of the food chain and command others in the same way that alpha males do. Rather, they share their wisdom quietly and when necessary, and others tend to naturally follow them due to the fact that they are usually correct in their reading of a situation. One of the top life skills that sigma males most naturally manifest is the ability to lead others quietly, but with strength. 

Setting expectations

The expectations we set for ourselves can often determine the extent of our successes and failures in life. Sigma males are particularly skilled when it comes to setting expectations that allow them to succeed. This is because they are highly aware of what they value in life, and also highly aware of where their particular skills and aptitudes lie. With a combination of these two, they set their sights on goals that are both within their grasp and worth of their dedication. This is why sigma males can actually give great life advice, despite their reclusive nature, as they understand how to set expectations and goals that produce results.

Thinking before speaking

Especially among the more extraverted personality types, people can have a tendency to act rashly and speak before they’ve truly thought through whatever it is they’re about to say. This is rarely a problem for sigma males, however. They are naturally more reserved with what they share, and possess a more observant and logical nature than most. This means they would rather observe and listen and scope out a situation before adding their two cents on the matter. This shrewd ability of the sigma male routinely saves him from talking himself into tricky situations on account of carelessness.

Embracing challenge

Sigma males are not afraid of a good challenge in life. In fact, they relish a good challenge! Sigma males understand that there’s very little point to a life of complete ease, and avoiding being challenged only holds us back in life and stops us from achieving growth. As constant growth is central to the sigma male’s approach to life, he is never one to shy away from a challenge. Sigma males throw themselves head first into whatever life throws their way, confident in their ability to adapt and overcome.

Learning from mistakes

Because they are not afraid of accepting challenges in life, sigma males quickly develop the ability to learn from their mistakes. They are not afraid to take personal responsibility for any mistakes or miscalculations they make in life. They are able to look at their actions and decisions with honesty and choose to turn them into lessons. The ability to see all setbacks and mistakes as lessons to learn from is one of the life skills that allows sigma males to continue growing and improving themselves throughout the course of their lifetimes. 


It’s a rare thing to grow close to a sigma male. They generally value things that take time and patience, and their attitude towards friendship is no different. A friendship with a sigma male may take years or even decades to develop, but once it is there, the dedication that sigma males show everything extends also to their friends. Once they trust someone, sigma males make for some of the most loyal and reliable of friends. Their quiet nature might make them seem like they are not interested in cultivating deep friendships, but with time, honesty, and trust, sigma males naturally manifest an incredible amount of loyalty towards those they care about.


At the heart of the sigma male’s approach to life is independence. They choose to live their lives outside of the hierarchy of social dominance and instead walk their own paths. They dedicate their resources and energy towards being as self sufficient as possible in order to minimise the degree to which they have to answer to anyone else in life. Sigma males work best when afforded the freedom to do their own thing, and an independent lifestyle is one of the most natural skills that sigma males possess in life. Their independence is where they find their satisfaction, and almost nothing can get between a sigma male and the path he chooses to walk in life.