How does the most independent and introverted of the personality types fare as a father? The question of how the sigma male performs as a father often yields answers that many find surprising. Famous for their introverted tendency to live life as a lone wolf, it’s understandable that many on the outside would raise questions about how the sigma male acts as a father. Even many self identified sigmas themselves are unsure of how they would perform as a father, should they ever have children. This very question is what we are going to address in this article. For sigmas out there who want to know how they will fare as a father, or how to turn their sigma traits into positive parenting – stay tuned.

Given that the sigma male is a uniquely complex personality type, riddled with contradictions, the truth is that these men can simultaneously make for some of the best, and most problematic fathers. Whether or not a sigma male allows his inner personality traits to manifest into being a positive or negative father figure all depends heavily on the aspects of his sigma nature that he chooses to allow to shine through. We will first go through the ways in which sigma traits can lead a man to become a toxic father figure, followed by an exploration of how sigma traits can also produce some of the best parents out there. Let’s begin.

The toxic sigma father

Despite his tendency to succeed in many areas of life, it must be acknowledged that some sigma males struggle when it comes to fatherhood. Their instinct to live life as a lone wolf can make them seem distant or cold towards their families. Having lived a life of self sufficiency, the sudden need to join forces with another and co-parent is a transition that can prove particularly difficult for many sigma males.

Furthermore, they often feel that their independence and love for exploration may be compromised by the sudden burden of responsibility that raising a family produces. These men have often spent their entire lives rejecting structures, so to find himself as part of a family unit can often take quite a bit of getting used to. Sigma males who let these new and unfamiliar responsibilities overwhelm them tend to make for pretty distant fathers, and can come across as impatient, ungrateful, or even uncaring towards their families. Sigma males who wish to make the most of their position as fathers need to rather focus themselves on embodying the following sigma traits. The natural traits of sigma male that make him a unique and positive father figure include:

They are open minded and accepting

The sigma male is by nature an open minded person and free thinker. His decision to live life by his own standards means that he is rarely judgmental of how others choose to live theirs. The best sigma fathers are notable for accepting their children no matter what, and never passing judgement or criticism on their kid for who they are. Sigma fathers understand that one of the most important things in life is staying true to yourself, and would never encourage their children to pretend to be someone that they’re not or strive for goals that don’t bring them a true sense of fulfillment.

They foster childhood imagination

The sigma male is an explorer through and through. His intellectual curiosity and unique way of thinking are something that make him stand out, even from a young age. These traits give him a natural penchant for imaginative thinking, which is something sigma fathers often use to enhance their relationships with their children. Sigma fathers love to encourage their children’s curiosity and imagination, and will take extra measures to make sure their children’s imagination is fully encouraged to blossom. Sigma males can often be seen to come up with inventive games and exercises to keep their children engaged and stimulated, and these often leave kids with some of their fondest childhood memories.

They love to answer questions and explain the world

Pondering the world deeply is a central tenet of the sigma male lifestyle, and usually something he has been doing from a very young age. With a lifetime of reflection under his belt, the sigma male can offer a unique set of wisdom to his children once he has them. Sigma males can often find themselves surprised by how much they enjoy interacting with the curiosity of their children and can find that even after many years of thinking they preferred to think alone, that sharing these thoughts and answering their children’s questions in fact brings them great satisfaction. The innocent workings of a child’s mind often means that they ask the kind of thought-provoking questions that sigma males rarely hear from other adults, and it’s not uncommon for sigma males to prefer talking to their children than the majority of people their own age!

They are growth oriented

As a matter of principle, sigma males prioritise their personal growth in life. They only feel satisfied when they know they are striving to live up to their full potential. Often their entire lives have been marked by this unwavering desire to always improve. This growth oriented focus in life can have a powerful impact on the way a sigma male raises his children. Rather than allow their kids to fear failure or be held back by challenges, they encourage their children to share their focus on growth. Sigma males tend to raise children who see every challenge or setback as an opportunity for improvement – a positive lesson that stays with children for the rest of their lives.

They treat their children with patience

Sigma males know what it is like to be misunderstood by others. Their unique, and often idiosyncratic, way of doing things can sometimes be difficult for those around them to understand, and the sigma male is more than used to feeling out of place. Through being commonly misunderstood, the sigma male often has to learn to develop a good degree of patience, needed for when he has to try and explain himself to others. When a sigma male becomes a father, he makes the most of the patience that he has developed with the outside world, and knows how to refraining from rash judgement of his children. He treats them with patience and respect, giving them the space to grow and express themselves.

They won’t pressure their kids to fit in

From very early in life, sigma males sense that they are not quite like the others around them. Whereas alphas, betas, and the other male personality types that make up the social dominance hierarchy, jostle for a position on the social ladder – the sigma male remains uninterested and uninvolved. They sense immediately that they are somewhat of a black sheep in society, and don’t feel the pressure to conform to norms or expectations. This rejection of society’s judgement is something that they then take into their roles as fathers. It is almost unthinkable to imagine a sigma male encouraging his kids to fit in or conform to norms imposed by others. Sigma fathers encourage their children to be entirely themselves, and make sure they know that their worth is totally up to them.

They are uncontrolling

Sigma males prize freedom and independence above all else. In some instances, this is the very reason why sigma males may avoid becoming fathers in the first place, as they fear that the responsibilities of parenthood may infringe upon their independence. However, for the sigma males who do settle into parenthood, they tend to encourage their children to share this same passion for freedom and independence. Sigma males rarely make for controlling or overbearing parents, and instead tend to encourage their children to pursue their own path and learn from their own mistakes. The children of sigma males often mature quicker than many of their peers, due to the high degree of trust and independence they are afforded at home.

They open the world up for their children

The fact that the sigma male has a natural tendency to explore the world around him is something he often takes with him into his role as a father. The sigma male hates to sit still, and often dedicates himself to seeing as much of what the world has to offer as possible. When he becomes a father, he can often be seen to encourage this love of exploration within his children. Sigma males love to take their children out on new adventures and show them the full range of excitement that the world has to offer. The children of sigma males often grow up with a range of fond memories of their fathers taking them out to experience new and exciting things.

They are unintrusive

Sigma males are known for their deep love of time alone, and personal space. As introverts, they need this sense of solitude from time to time in order to recharge, and stay in touch with themselves. As fathers, they maintain this quality of introversion and respect their child’s need for privacy and self determination. Sigma fathers always respect their child’s wishes when they ask to be left alone, and are rarely seen to be intrusive when it comes to their children’s personal affairs. They will of course lend an ear for support, but will never force a child to open up about something that they would rather keep to themselves. The same applies to a child’s personal space, which is something sigma males always respect.

They are dedicated to their role as a father

Dedication and determination are core facets of the sigma mind. When something is important to a sigma male, he will stop at nothing to do his best at it, constantly self reflecting and learning from his mistakes. Fatherhood is no exception to this, and when a sigma male becomes a father, he will usually dedicate himself fully to the task. Sigma males hate to feel that they are not living up to their full potential, and this is especially true when it comes to fulfilling his duties as a parent. Sigma males make for incredibly dedicated fathers who will do whatever they can to see their children be afforded the best that life has to offer.

They encourage their children to pursue their dreams

One thing that is key to the sigma male’s success in life is the confidence he holds in his own talents and pursuits. Unlike others who live within the social dominance hierarchy, the sigma refuses to be held back in life by fear of judgement or failure. He knows that running the risk of failure is worth it to pursue the things in life that truly inspire him with passion. This unstoppable determination and willingness to take risks is one of the most valuable traits that sigma males manifest in their roles as fathers. They encourage their children to explore their passions and settle on dreams that truly fulfill them. Sigma fathers always encourage their children to push forward and remain resilient in the face of adversity. Children who are lucky enough to grow up with such supportive fathers often internalise this sigma trait of always striving to reach their goals, and with this, sigma males often create a sense of determination that transcends over multiple generations.

As sigma traits often consist of a set of contradictions, their performance as fathers can often be a bit of a coin toss. The same traits that can lead to a sigma male being a toxic or uninvolved parent can also lie at the root of the qualities that make him a great father. And this is just in regards to the sigma males who do choose to have children – as many prefer to stick to their lone wolf lifestyles and remain childless.