The alpha male is renowned for many of his impressive traits: confidence, power, authority, and of course, his success with women. Many non alpha men end up thinking that the alpha’s success with women can all be put down to these traits: power, confidence, authority. But, in reality, there are many reasons why women like alpha men. Some of these reasons may be rather unexpected. Here at Bloke Box we’re going to explore the true inner workings of the female mind, and decode exactly what it is about the alpha male that they find so desirable. In this piece we’re going to cover reasons that even many women aren’t aware of or won’t admit to themselves, so get ready for the top 13 reasons why women just can’t help but like an alpha male.


His courageous attitude

The alpha male is notorious for taking risks and leading the way. His natural aptitude for leadership comes from his innately courageous attitude that leaves him brash, bold, and unafraid to take risks. Not only do women find this sense of courage attractive in a man, but it’s also a big part of how the alpha male ends up talking to women in the first place. It’s a whole lot less likely for a woman to find a man attractive if he sticks to the outskirts of the room and never puts himself out there. The alpha male’s lack of fear when it comes to taking a chance is the very thing that puts him on a woman’s radar.


He knows what he wants

As a natural born leader, the alpha male has a strong sense of vision and what he wants in life. When an alpha male sets his sights on something, it’s rare that he will give up without getting what he wants. When an alpha male likes a woman, he won’t beat around the bush or do things by half measures. He is not afraid to let a woman know that she’s the one that’s on his mind. This confidence is a highly attractive trait for women, as they don’t have to decode the mixed messages that arise out of nervousness or insecurity.


His strength

An alpha male is inherently a strong man. His strength manifests across his personality in a wide variety of ways, both physical and mental. The mental strength of the alpha male often translates in to him keeping a strong personal fitness and self care regime. In this sense, the alpha’s inner strength often manifests physically. His dedication to looking after himself and keeping himself in peak physical condition means that he often as a consequence will possess the good looks and physique that women have a hard time ignoring.


He is well versed in their flirting

Part and parcel of being an alpha male is finding success with women. The alpha male is no stranger to talking to women, and somewhat counter intuitively, this is something that many women actually find very attractive. Being well versed in the art of flirting leaves an alpha male with a cool confidence as he flirts. He rarely trips over himself, and naturally develops a knack for knowing what women most want to hear. Flirting with a man who knows how to play the game is a fun and exhilarating experience, and something that leaves a lot of women coming back for more.


He has a wealth of experience

One thing that can easily be said about the alpha male is that he isn’t afraid of taking life head on. His natural tendency towards leadership means that he is often the first one to step forth and take the plunge into new or unfamiliar experiences. This means that often times, the alpha male has a great deal more experience when compared to his peers. Not being afraid to lead the way and try new things is highly attractive to women as they embark upon a romance with a man. And what’s more, his wealth of experience leaves the alpha male with plenty of interesting and exciting stories to tell. When first dating an alpha male, women are unlikely to find themselves facing boredom.


He is successful in what he does

As in the animal kingdom, the alpha male is the leader of the pack, sitting atop of the social hierarchy. One of the easiest ways to spot an alpha male is through his success in all areas of life. He knows how to work his way up the social ladder and use the structures of his environment in order to advance himself and ultimately climb to the top. All this results in a man who is successful at what he does. And while there’s more to love than financial success and an impressive resume of achievements, women certainly can’t help but admire the alpha male’s ability to reach the top in all he does.


He is confident in himself and his abilities

The alpha male knows himself better than anybody. He is acutely aware of where his skills and talents lie and how to leverage them in order to climb the social ladder to the top. Knowing himself so well is where much of that famous alpha confidence stems from, and it’s a big reason for why the alpha is so reliably a hit with the ladies. He knows the boundaries of his strengths and talents, and is unafraid to show them off. This means that women often get to see the best of him, and end up falling for the ease with which his talents shine through.


He possesses good social connections

The alpha can be singled out from the rest of the pack by his ability to understand the social hierarchy and navigate it to reach dominance. Understanding all the nuances of the social hierarchy and how to use it to his advantage leaves the alpha male with an incredibly rich network of social connections. Not only is he a leader, but he acts a type of social glue that gives the entire hierarchy its shape. Acting as such, it’s only natural that the alpha is incredibly well connected, and will attract women with his ability to know the best places to be, best parties to go to, and always have the right man for any job.


 He’s a hard worker

There’s nothing an alpha loves more than digging his heels into the ground and doing some good, hard work. When he’s seriously passionate about something, the alpha male will dedicate himself to it fully and is not one to give up easily. This hard working attitude extends to more than just his career. Alphas aren’t afraid to put hard work and dedication into a relationship that they are truly certain about. Women often find themselves highly attracted to this can do attitude, as it indicates that if he’s serious about the relationship – they can rely on him to work hard for it.


He is cool, calm, and collected

The alpha male is a well renowned master of self control. He needs to be able to keep a level head in stressful situations in order to maintain power and authority in his environment. Mastering this skill leaves alphas with an incredibly high tolerance for situations that may leave others cracking under the pressure. The alpha on the other hand knows how to regulate his emotions. Women are particularly fond of this alpha trait as it means they can work through any problems without getting sucked in to panicked, angry, or overly emotional outbursts.


He’s hard to get

Synonymous with the term alpha is success with women. He’s the type of man who women find themselves naturally drawn through, for a combination of the reasons we’ve already gone through. Women aren’t blind to the alpha’s success with women. In fact, although it may come as a surprise, this is actually part of his attraction. Knowing that there are many women who have their sights on him makes the alpha an exciting catch for a woman, as they feel particularly special for being the chosen one among many possible partners.


He’s diverse in his interests

The alpha is often something of a renaissance man. He values his growth and strength too much to let his life be dominated by any one interest or hobby. Rather, the alpha male makes sure to engage with a diverse set of interests and keep himself surrounded by a similarly diverse set of peers. The alpha male is usually up for trying anything out, manages to stay on top of the social ladder by being able to speak to anybody. Women love this about this kind of man, as there’s always more to uncover and they can bring him in to any social setting with confidence. 


He possesses high morals and strong principles

In order to be an effective leader that others can turn to as a figure of authority and guidance, the alpha male needs to have developed a strong set of morals and principles that he always sticks to. This level of integrity makes him highly attractive to women, as they can always trust him to be honest with both them and himself. Integrity, principles, and honesty make for highly attractive traits in both casual encounters and more serious committed romantic relationships.


His resilient attitude

Above all, being a true alpha male requires perseverance. All the traits that we have already explored amount to a man that knows he will get to where he wants to be only if he refuses to back down and quit. When life presents obstacles, the alpha male is more than willing to confront them head on and is never one to back away from a challenge. This confidence and willingness to overcome difficulty is something that women truly love about these strong and secure alpha males. In romantic partnerships, it means that women can rely on the alpha male to dedicate himself to working through issues and cultivating a partnership that leaves plenty of room for growth and improvement.

With all these strong and inspiring qualities, it hardly comes as a surprise that alpha males make for such attractive romantic prospects to women beyond just brute strength and power. Their confidence, self control, and resilience make them a valuable partner that women can always trust to remain true to himself.