What is the “superior man”? The definition of a superior man is one that is in a constant state of change, and has undergone many shifts throughout history, as attitudes and expectations in society naturally change. Whereas at one point men in time were thought of as breadwinners and earned their respect merely for their ability to provide for their families, the 21st century has given rise to a much more dynamic idea of what the superior man looks like.

Gone are the days of a two-dimensional male stereotype. The relaxing of the strict gender expectations that once ruled society that has occurred over the past few decades means that a truly superior man now needs to be more well-rounded than ever. Here is a collection of the most important traits that every modern superior man should strive to embody.


Contributes to the well being of others

One of the easiest ways to spot a superior man is how he treats the people around him. Far from being a sign of weakness, knowing how to put others first is one of the greatest indicators of a man’s strength. Showing a sense of empathy and care for friends, family, and even strangers is a major part of a man’s charisma. Studies show that one of the most important traits we look for in a companion is compassion – and a superior man is one who possesses both compassion, and the self-awareness to know exactly how he can contribute to the well being of others.



As the old saying goes, “honesty is the best policy”, and this is especially true of the superior man. Honesty is about far more than simply telling the truth. Honesty is the ability to be real with oneself, and with those around them. Maintaining a policy of honesty is the only way to ensure that a man is striving towards authentic goals.

Sticking to the truth will save you from getting caught in a web of your own lies, and create a reputation that the people around you will trust. In fact, living a more honest life has been linked by many researchers to higher levels of overall physical health, meaning that keeping honesty as your policy is good for more than just peace of mind, but overall wellness too. 


Understands his limitations

Limitations are what innovations are born from. A superior man not only recognises this, but embraces this. Unrealistic expectations lead to many men flying too close to the sun, only to get burned by the heat as soon as they encounter life’s inevitable hurdles. Knowing his own limitations is how a strong man sets realistic expectations, and avoids being dragged down by disappointment.

Ambition without the risk of inevitable disappointment leaves a man free to pursue his goals without fear. Accepting, rather than avoiding, the reality of his limitations is what pushes the superior man to grow above and beyond.


Highly Educated

Intellectual thirst is one of the clearest markers of a superior man. Loving learning, and possessing an appetite for education is the only way to maintain a sharp mind. There are many ways for a man to educate himself to a high level, so money and privilege are no excuse to go uneducated. Nowadays there are so many ways to access learning beyond a traditional classroom setting. Podcasts, news apps, and free learning resources are little more than one click away.

Whether it be through traditional study, dedicated reading, or simply keeping up to date with the news – a truly superior man understands that learning is a lifelong process, and will dedicate himself to his education. Being highly educated is fed by a healthy level of skepticism, and brings a natural confidence and authority to your ideas and how you express yourself.


Hard Skills & Soft Skills

Possessing a wide range of skill sets is one way for a man to both keep self-reliant, and be of use to the people around him. A strong male will recognise that a truly skilled man needs to possess a balance of both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are those that are easily measured, like talents in mathematical ability, a sport, or a trade. Soft skills, on the other hand, are harder to measure. They include things such as communication, organisation skills, and personability. Despite being measured differently, both contribute in their own way to a well-rounded person.

Hard skills can be taught, and should therefore be studied. Learning crafts and practical skills is key to always keeping in a state of self-improvement. Soft skills may be harder to teach, but nonetheless they can still definitely be trained. Looking at your own abilities and where you may be lacking when it comes to soft skills presents the opportunity for self-improvement. Time-management, friendliness, and problem-solving abilities can all be trained with a bit of self-reflection and dedication.

Being skilled in DIY, mechanics, and technology should come hand in hand with conversationalism, problem solving, and being a good listener. Possessing a good mix of hard and soft skills is sure to propel any man to success – whether it be with employers, peers, or in the home.


Can Cook & is a Great host

Long gone are the days when cooking and hospitality were kept away from men under the title of “women’s work.” The modern man understands that these are important skills to master and reap a whole host of rewards. Cooking is without a doubt an art that every self-respecting man should intend to master. Whether you master a long list of recipes, or dedicate yourself to nailing down just a few go-to meals, serving up a well-cooked dish is a quick way to win just about anybody over.

Comfort in the kitchen is as much a gift to yourself as it is to those you cook for, as it means never having to eat a disappointing meal again. What’s more, a good cook also knows how to pack a dish with the right set of nutrients to keep the superior man in top-notch physical condition. Lifestyle and nutrition researchers have repeatedly proven that cooking more frequently is linked to possessing above average physical health.

A talent for hospitality is one of the most charismatic soft skills that every man should hope to master. Knowing how to make your guests feel welcome and at ease is the first step towards acting as a successful host. This requires the traits of empathy and compassion that we’ve already explored earlier in this article.

Attention to detail and staying alert to your environment are two other key aspects of being a good host that every superior man should exhibit. Being able to read a room and keep guests entertained is a charismatic trait that every superior male should be proud to show off. And always remember- those who throw great parties will find themselves invited to great parties!


Can speak art

Art is at the core of a lot of human expression. Being able to talk about art not only demonstrates an air of worldliness and intellect to a man’s peers, but is also a great vehicle for learning about self-expression. Many of the complex emotions, thoughts, and concepts that we tackle on a daily basis can be hard to put into words. Exploring the world of art demonstrates that you’re both a man of culture, and in touch with your inner self. These are both highly appealing qualities in a social setting, and are likely to bring you success and a sense of inner peace. As the superior man is one with a thirst for knowledge and culture, art is one of the most important areas of learning to explore.

While not every man gets to grow up receiving an education in the world of art, this shouldn’t be an excuse to neglect being able to talk art. All over the internet there’s art blogs and guides that teach the what’s what and who’s who of the art world. Having a good sense of art history not only makes a man a more enjoyable museum and gallery companion, but enriches and sophisticates his entire life.


Takes care of his family

A true man knows where his duty lies, and, like everybody, one of the primary duties in life is the one that lies with our families. Blood runs thicker than water, and a real man knows how to prioritise the needs of his loved ones – even in times of crisis. Studies have even shown that those who maintain a happy home life and close family unit experience better health, and even live longer on average than those who don’t. Every man serves his family differently, whether it be financially, as a care-giver, or a home-maker. Regardless of the particular way each man serves his family, it goes beyond doubt that to be truly superior, a man needs to do what he can to support the ones he loves.


 Well Traveled & Wise

A well traveled man is one who carries the world with him wherever he goes. The experiences that come with traveling make a man worldly and able to see beyond his bubble. Seeing the world is one of the best ways to live out your sense of adventure, something the superior man always strives for. Exploring other cultures brings with it challenges, both physical and mental, and so travel is also a test of strength.

On top of being a test of endurance and a lesson in independence, travel leaves a man with a catalogue of stories that guarantee his company will always be entertained. Travel expands the horizons of the mind, gives a nuanced view of the world, and leads to an overall wiser man. Wisdom is something the superior man naturally exudes, leading those around him to respect his opinion, and seek his counsel.


Speaks more than one language

The superior man values communication, and connecting with the world around him. One of the most effective ways he can achieve this is by speaking multiple languages. Today’s world is growing increasingly interconnected by the day, and possessing the ability to communicate with people around the world is the secret to unlocking many doors and advancing possibilities. Entirely new sets of people, places, and opportunities become available to the man who masters multiple languages.

Mastering several tongues is proven to be a major asset when it comes to employment. With several languages under your belt, way more career options become available. Knowing how to converse in other languages also makes travel a lot easier, and ensures that the experiences you have with the people you meet along your travels are more true to your authentic self. A multilingual life allows a man to broaden his worldview and where he gets his information. Reading foreign newspapers, and being well-versed in the literature of other cultures leaves a man with that air of being worldly and wise.

Speaking multiple languages is also proven to correlate with overall raised mental functioning, and signals a higher intelligence. Better memory function, problem-solving, and enhanced concentration skills and are all benefits that come with the ability to speak in multiple languages. Polylingualism is also demonstrated to keep the cognitive effects of aging at bay, meaning that the mind of a man who speaks many languages will stay young longer than his peers’.

All these benefits of speaking multiple languages add up to a correlation between polylingualism and self-confidence. And, as possessing self-confidence is one of the cornerstone traits of being a superior man, mastering other tongues is one skill that shouldn’t be underestimated.


Etiquette & Manners

As the only true way to judge a man is through the content of his character, one of a superior nature can often easily be identified through his manners. These days, good manners and a sense of chivalry can be all too difficult to find in some men. This only serves to harm these men’s lives, as good manners are linked to a significant increase in the strength of social relationships.

In today’s culture of easy gratification and endless self-centredness, the values of chivalry can often find themselves amiss. Simple acts of politeness, like holding the door open for whoever happens to be behind you, or smiling at those you pass in the street, can set you apart as a man who knows how to carry himself in civil society. Manners such as listening without interruption.


Crushing every goal

Crushing every goal he sets is one of the ultimate traits that distinguish superior men from the rest of the pack.Life is a constant process of change, and there will always be a gap between what isand what we want to be. The important thing is not how big that gap is, but how we intend to close it. Getting to where you want in life means setting goals, and having a solid plan when it comes to how to achieve them. Any guy can set a bunch of goals that he’d like to get around to one day or another, but what sets the superior man aside is his drive to make sure that this actually happens.

There are many tips and tricks out there that the superior man can learn in order to maximise the chances of crushing every goal he sets. Identifying the results he wants is the first step in a man’s journey to achieve his goals. This begins with envisioning an idea of the future, and taking a good hard look at what he wants that future to look like. It’s all too easy to create excuses in order to avoid making any meaningful change in life, and it takes a real man to face up to the areas in his life that he is responsible for improving.

Once he’s identified what he wants, the superior man doesn’t just barrel into the future full steam ahead. No, the superior man knows to take a step back, and identify the obstacles that are preventing him from achieving that goal. Only when a man understands the obstacles between him and his goals, can he truly get around to making a plan to overcome them. This three step process of envisioning, understanding, and overcoming is the benchmark of a male who knows what he wants and how to get it. To crush every goal he sets for himself, a man must come with an attitude of unstoppable determination. When it comes to achieving goals, taking no for an answer is simply not an option. This is a major part of the next trait that sets apart a man of elevation.


Resilient in the face of adversity

Strength is not the absence of challenge, adversity, or difficulty – rather, strength is the ability to confront and overcome difficulties that come our way. The superior man is one unafraid of whatever life may throw his way, and certainly won’t back down without a fight.

As the saying goes, it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down. The only thing that matters at the end of the day is how many times you get back up. A strong man knows to look upon his failures as lessons and opportunities to learn and grow. No dead-end is a waste, only an excuse to explore other possibilities. Challenges should be relished rather than avoided. The more twists and turns in the path that leads a man to where he is, the more he has to look back on and gather wisdom.

The key to achieving the trait of resilience is maintaining a positive attitude no matter what unforeseen hurdles might come in the way. Pessimism and giving in to defeat are nowhere to be found in the greatest of men. These attitudes only lead to giving up, and to be being seen as unreliable by the people around you. Resilience in the face of all adversity leads to self-improvement, better social relationships, and is scientifically linked to increased mental health and emotional stability.


Pushes everyone to step up their game

Men at the top of their game know that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Nothing in life is achieved alone, and a truly superior man is one who knows not only how to motivate himself, but everyone else around him. Pushing the people around you to step up their game is not always an easy task, but a strong and confident man can take it in his stride. Getting people motivated takes a special blend of talents not any old average joe can master.

Mixing a healthy sense of challenge with positive reinforcement is at the heart of being a great motivator. While some men might not have a problem sitting back and watching those around him struggle, or take the easy way out – this is simply not an option for the superior man. He can’t rest satisfied knowing that those around him are not living up to their potential, and knows how when to challenge his peers. Because of his own success and determination, those around him won’t take this as a confrontation. The wisdom and confidence that such a man carries commands respect, and others will appreciate being pushed out of their comfort zone.

Being challenged works best when coupled with a can-do attitude. Positive reinforcement means handing out praise to those around you. But a wise man knows that this powerful motivation tactic should be reserved for moments when it is truly deserved. Letting his peers know when he appreciates the work they’re doing is the sign of a strong leader, and a great man. Pushing his friends, family, and colleagues to step up their game is how a superior man brings strength and success to the people around him.


Beyond successful & respected, but humble & relatable

One thing that many men struggle with is achieving the balance between confidence and humility. Especially when coupled with success in many areas of life, a lesser man might be overcome with pride and find himself losing his humility. Keeping the ego in check is what separates the weak from the great. There’s nothing more off-putting than a man who lets his confidence and success go to his head. A man with true inner strength knows he doesn not need to brag in order for his achievements to be recognised.

Staying humble relaxes those around us, and keeps a man relatable no matter how great the height of his achievements. A man who possesses humility is one with the ability to feel confident enough in his greatness without a need to defend it. His actions speak for themselves and command natural respect from his peers. Staying cool and down-to-earth is also proven to be a highly attractive quality in a man, and is sure to open up opportunities in all areas of life to the men who possess it. A superior man is one who knows the height of his success without letting it take his feet off the ground.


Don’t need to talk to have their presence felt

Many of the traits we’ve discussed focus on the way the superior man affects his environment. Decisive action and strong will are cornerstones of what makes a man great, but that doesn’t mean always needing to be in the driver’s seat. A strong man is able to exhibit all these traits without needing to parade them loudly for everyone else to see. It’s a well-known fact that a man who knows when to hold his piece commands more respect when he does choose to voice his opinion. True charisma is an aura that surrounds a superior man – without or without words.



At the end of the day, what matters most in a man’s life is how he feels in his own skills. Perfect manners and a great career are worth nothing if a man cannot enjoy who he is and what he has achieved. This key trait of an elevated is often the subject of a lot of misconception. Too often, people set happiness as a goal without really understanding what it means. They spend their lives chasing some image of happiness that never arrives. Happiness should be viewed as a vehicle through which to travel life, not a destination to be arrived at.

The benefits of happiness extend far beyond a good mood. Those who report higher levels of satisfaction and happiness in their lives are shown to have improved cognitive abilities, including memory and focus. In fact, studies have shown that doctors who report feeling happier in their day to day lives make significantly more accurate diagnoses than their less happy colleagues.

Being happy doesn’t mean living a life without ups and downs, but being able to cope with the low times and remain grateful for the high times. True happiness is a trait that can only be generated in one’s self, and is the most rewarding trait that elevates a man to superior heights. 

The modern superior man is one who exhibits a wide range of traits that set him apart from those around him. A humble leader, a curious thinker, and a man of action.