When it comes to how they live their lives, sigma males walk their own paths through and through. From a young age, they realise that their way of approaching the world doesn’t quite fit with those around them – and this is their greatest advantage in life. Why is it that sigma males so often seem to achieve success and contentment in their lives despite seemingly disregarding all the rules of what it takes to get ahead in society?

The answer can be put down to the reliable practises they implement in their day to day lives that keep them focused and in touch with themselves and both their goals and their goals. Today let’s take a look at these lifestyle practises, as although they come naturally to a sigma male – they can be put to great use by anybody seeking to make positive changes to the way they live their lives. Here are the top habits of a sigma male for your actual life…

Number 17: Never forget what you’ve been through

Sigma males have a naturally high intellect and a powerful memory. This is hardly surprising, as their way of thinking about the world is naturally analytic in nature, and they need to maintain a sharp mind to be able to process information on the high level that they enjoy. One way sigma males put this talent for memory to good use is to remember where they started from and all that they have been through. Keeping track of their progress throughout life is how a sigma male stays dedicated to growth and self improvement, and is his way of proving to himself the sheer power he possesses.

Number 16: Be brutally honest

Sigma males are all about being as grounded in reality as possible. While others may be content with maintaining superficial beliefs or focusing on their appearance – sigma males get straight to the cold hard facts. Rather than beat around the bush, sigma males prefer to be frank – and sometimes even brutally honest – with both themselves and those around them. This is because sigma males understand that the less time they spend avoiding the truth, the more time they can spend confronting it and making impactful changes to their circumstances.

Number 15: Pay attention to detail

Sigma males are highly observant individuals by nature. As they are often fairly reserved and generally disinterested in extended social interaction, they tend to spend a lot of time on the fringes of social interactions and prefer to spend their time observing and analysing what goes on around them. This leads them to have a great aptitude for picking up on small details that may reveal important and advantageous truths about the situations they find themselves in. This works to their advantage, and any sigma male will tell you that learning to pay attention to detail and search for the nuance in your environment leads to a far richer experience of life in general.

Number 14: Take time for yourself

Sigma males naturally fall more on the introverted side of the personality spectrum than many of their peers. They don’t care what other people think of them, and they truly know the value of their time alone. Too much time spent around other people can have an incredibly draining effect on a sigma male, and when he starts to feel stretched by social interaction a sigma male will always find a way to carve out time for himself and recharge his batteries.

Number 13: Always keep a cool head

The naturally analytical way that sigma males view the world is one of their most recognisable qualities. They reflect upon and analyse their experiences and environments to a degree that often leaves those around them shocked – but in a time of crisis, this becomes an invaluable skill. Sigmas know that letting themselves cave in to panic or emotional reasoning will only serve to draw out the crisis at hand. Practising a stoic approach to tackling issues is the sigma secret to handling life’s most challenging moments with calmness and grace.

Number 12: Practice gratitude

Being thankful is central to how the sigma male views the world around him, and he makes a point out of actively practising gratitude for all that he has. Many of the world’s major philosophies and religions acknowledge that the root of unhappiness is often rooted in desire, and that only by being grateful for what we have, and what we have achieved, can we begin to appreciate the value of the future goals we set for ourselves.

Number 11: Don’t be afraid to take risks

Despite being rather aloof and at times reclusive, sigma males also manage to earn themselves a reputation for taking risks. Unlike others, however, the risks taken by sigma males tend to produce a remarkably high success rate. Why is this? The answer lies in the fact that for the sigma male – a risk is not really a risk. Sigma males spend so much time analysing their environments and their own capabilities that they tend to have thought through every eventuality of a risk before they confidently take the decision to go for it.

Number 10: Be open to learning from others

Sigma males are naturally curious in life, and possess an unquenchable thirst for learning. They learn from any source that they can, including those around them. Instead of needing to feel that they are better than everyone around them, sigmas view their peers as opportunities to learn something new about the world and remain open minded to the wisdom of others.

Number 9: Trust your instincts 

As sigma males spend so much of their time reflecting upon and analysing the world around them, their sense of intuition normally works to an incredibly high degree. When a sigma male gets a bad feeling about a person, place, or opportunity – he knows that this gut feeling is well worth listening to, and he always listens to his instincts.

Number 8: Make time to reflect

At the end of the day, a sigma male needs to take even just a little bit of time out of the routine of daily life to reflect on everything he’s been through. Failure to do so can leave him feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and at a loss of control. Taking the time to reflect on all of his experiences is a crucial practice that sigma males use to keep steady track of their progress throughout life and make sure they are learning as much as possible about themselves and the world around them.

Number 7: Take care of yourself

Sigma males know the true value of self respect. As they have little regard for what the rest of society thinks about them, they will rarely be seen trying to keep up with the latest fads and fashions – but they do like to take care of themselves. Establishing a healthy daily routine and practising good sleep hygiene is a critical part of how a sigma male sets himself up for peak performance throughout the day.

Number 6: View others equally

Most people in society, at least to some degree, derive their sense of worth based on their relationships with others. Popularity, praise, and acceptance are central to how people think of themselves. This is not the case for sigma males. They see them as separate to the cares of the social dominance hierarchy, and view everyone as equals – as opposed to a means to fulfilling their own sense of self worth.

Number 5: Strive for self sufficiency

Self sufficiency is an incredibly important value to the average sigma male. At the end of the day, these men are the lone wolves of society, and they don’t like to feel as though they are in a state of dependence towards anyone but themselves. They make self sufficiency a goal in life and map out an actionable path towards achieving as much independence as possible.

Number 4: When it comes to relationships, prioritise quality over quantity

Sigma males have a tendency to be rather solitary creatures. They don’t feel the need to maintain a vast social circle, and they choose their friends wisely. It can take a long time for enough trust to form with a sigma male before he will truly consider someone a friend. This is because when it comes to relationships, sigma males place a far greater priority on quality as opposed to quantity. Instead of playing the social butterfly, they practice forming few, but incredibly strong bonds with people they truly care about.

Number 3: Find a love for learning

Sigma males possess a natural love for learning that guides them throughout the course of their lives. They are never satisfied with their current understanding of the world, and constantly seek to know more and understand better. This love of learning acts as a propulsive force in a sigma’s life, and is a practice that, once mastered, means that life continues to be interesting and exciting at every step along the way.

Number 2: Let go of what others think

Living outside the social dominance hierarchy, the judgements of the outside world fall on deaf ears when it comes to sigma males. No amount of judgement or expectation is reason enough to stop them staying true to themselves. Like a sixth sense, sigma males have a strong sense of self that cannot be swayed by any external factors. This is why they are able to take risks and break away from the pack, and is what leads so many sigma males to become innovators in their fields.

Number 1: Learning from failure

Nobody in life is 100% immune from failure. At some point or another we all experience disappointment, or our plans not quite working out as we expected. This is only natural, and part of being human. But when it comes to failure, attitude is everything. Sigma males view their failures as opportunities to learn from themselves, and are not afraid to get back up on the horse once they’ve been knocked down. Sigmas are resilient and determined, and put this to use in how they approach failure. When plans don’t work out, they don’t falter or back down – instead they take a step back to reflect and assess why they failed, and come up with a new strategy for success.

Putting these sigma male practises to use in your own life can yield unbelievable changes and bring you closer to being the man you strive to, and know you can be. Do you practice any of these in your own life already?