Sigma males are deep thinkers who never leave any stone unturned. Their minds are of an instinctively curious nature and are fueled by a passion for asking questions and seeking answers. Sigma males do not shy away from asking the bigger, tougher questions in life either. While other personality types may shy away from doing too much soul searching, sigma males are quite the opposite. They understand that the only true path towards growth is through asking questions and challenging themselves. The sigma male possesses a strong instinct for critical thinking and therefore manages to ask himself questions that produce truly insightful answers. And while this way of looking at life comes particularly naturally to sigma males, it can be of benefit to everyone. We’re going to lift the lid on the sigma approach to life and share 12 sigma male questions that will change your life.


Who or what is holding you back?

One of the number one priorities in the life of a sigma male is to be as independent and free as possible. There’s really nothing a sigma male hates more than feeling like something is tying him down or holding him back. Even if on the surface he appears to be independent, sigma males are never satisfied with mere appearances. If they are not truly independent, they will feel a nagging sense of dissatisfaction. As a result, they end up routinely asking themselves who or what in life is holding them back.

Finding the true answer to this question serves as a starting point for making important changes in their lives. Once they identify who or what is holding them back, they will concentrate their efforts into freeing themselves of this obstacle. Even if independence isn’t as high up in your list of priorities as it is for the sigma male, asking yourself what holds you back is a powerful tool for generating forward momentum in your life.


What are you doing when you feel most alive?

Sigma males tend to be broadly skilled individuals fueled by a natural sense of curiosity. They may find themselves engaged in a range of hobbies, and due to their dedication, may well excel at each and every one of them. With so much going on for them, some sigma males may struggle to pick what in particular to pursue above all else. Throughout his life, the sigma male addresses this concern by asking himself what it is he is doing when he feels most alive? Sigmas identify the moments in which they feel most alive and engaged and use this as a compass to navigate their chosen pursuit in life. Asking yourself such a question on a routine basis helps to ensure that you’re living a rich and fulfilling life.


Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Part and parcel of the sigma male’ yearning for independence is his desire to be able to handle a crisis. When something goes wrong, or deviates from the plan, the sigma male wants to be able to react and respond with a cool head. He therefore routinely asks himself whether or not he is prepared for the unexpected. Preparing for the unexpected to occur can be both a matter of resources and a matter of mindset. Sigmas like to know they have the resources and practical skill set to handle the unexpected, and they train themselves to be able to react coolly when things don’t go to plan. Routinely reflecting on your own state of preparation helps to make sure you don’t get blindsided by the unexpected.


What would my ideal day look like?

Sigma males are not content waking up and blindly going through the motions of each day, numb to its purpose. Sigma males are willing to ask themselves what their ideal day would look like and structure their goals and efforts towards making this ideal a reality. Sigmas focus on identifying the routines and activities that suit them best and create the greatest sense of fulfilment, and then make living this way a priority. Sigmas are not comfortable living by a schedule or structure that exhausts them or forces them to compromise themselves, and ask themselves this question to make sure they are not veering towards such a reality.


Are you self sufficient?

Self sufficiency is of huge importance to the sigma male. Sigmas feel deeply uncomfortable when they know they are relying on others for anything in their lives. They would rather serve as their own breadwinners and bosses rather than take orders from others. Many of us in society would prefer to ignore the question of how much we rely on others, but not the sigma male. He constantly asks himself about his levels of self sufficiency and tries his best to increase his independence. Even for those who do not seek to be totally self sufficient, addressing the matter of who exactly you rely on for what can help paint a clearer picture of your obligations in life.


How can I communicate better?

Communication is not always a strong suit of the sigma male. Being a naturally deep thinker, sigma males sometimes find themselves possessing a tendency to get lost in their own thoughts. They are naturally introverted personalities, and as a result it may not always be easy for them to communicate with others. They do possess the ability to be strong and compelling communicators, but often they choose not to out of lack of interest. However, most sigma males will be aware of the fact that they are not naturally drawn to communicating with others, and will ask themselves the question “how can I communicate better?” in order to address this. Taking time to genuinely reflect and improve our communication skills is a simple exercise that makes every aspect of living among others flow more smoothly, and leads to an overall more functional society.


What did I do today that I want to do differently tomorrow?

Sigma males are in part driven by an inherent desire to feel themselves continuously growing and improving throughout life. They are not satisfied when they reach a point of stasis in life, and are willing to devote themselves to always doing better and being more true to their inner selves. Generating this kind of growth requires equal parts reflection and action, and this question serves as the meeting point between the two. Asking yourself “what did I do today that I want to do differently tomorrow?” emphasizes the continuity of our lives, and that while each day is its own thing, we are the throughline between them. Noticing even the small things in your day that you wish to improve helps to create a sense of purpose and trajectory in life, and is a reminder that growth is an ongoing process.


Are you harboring any fears?

While it’s true that sigma males are particularly renowned for their fearlessness and penchant for risk taking, this does not make them totally one hundred percent immune to fear. Even sigma males may be harbouring fears or anxieties that end up holding them back. Sigma males differ from most in society based on the fact that they do not shy away from addressing their anxieties. After all, bravery is not the lack of fear but the confrontation of fear. Sigma males love to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask themselves what their fears are. Once they identify their fears, they throw themselves into conquering and overcoming these anxieties. Taking the plunge and confronting your fears is a powerful way to make sure you’re not holding yourself back.


What is within my control?

We’ve already covered the particular zeal sigma males possess when it comes to preserving their independence, one major aspect of which is their desire for control. Sigma males want to feel that they have as much control as possible over themselves and their daily lives – as do most people. However, for all of us, but especially for sigma males, it is worth asking ourselves what exactly is within our control and what is without. Pouring our efforts into trying to control something that can simply not be changed is a typical way in which people waste a great deal of their time and energy throughout life. Sigma males cut down on these wasted efforts by simply asking themselves – “what here is within my control?”


What values are you living by today?

Sigma males don’t tend to play by the rules that others set for them. They are known for being mavericks, who go throughout life setting their own sets of expectations for themselves. They do not blindly accept the values and expectations set out for them by others, and rather construct their own based on their true and honest feelings about the world. Without society to do it for him, it’s important for the sigma male to routinely ask himself what the values he lives by actually are. Sigma males are known to spend a great deal of time reflecting on this question, in order to understand what they truly believe in. Asking yourself what values you truly uphold is an important step in making sure you lead a virtuous and fulfilling life that has a sense of purpose.


What assumptions are you leaving unexamined?

Sigma males hate to feel like they have left any rock unturned, and get great pleasure out of questioning their own thought patterns and assumptions. Probing whether or not there are any assumptions in your thinking that are going unexamined is an absolutely essential step in ridding your life of any prejudices or ignorance. Sigma males routinely confront themselves with this question, and it’s a central factor in how they keep such healthy open minds.


What am I contributing to the world?

Sigma males are known for being lone wolves. They live outside of the social hierarchy and have little regard for what others think of them. But, despite appearances, they care deeply about the world they live in. They are deep thinkers and see truths and purpose in the world that others around them miss. As a consequence, they make sure to take the time to ask themselves truthfully about their own purpose, and what it is they contribute to the world. Sigma males are not satisfied without a decent and honest answer to this question, and nor should anyone be. The first and most important step towards living a fulfilling life is asking yourself what you contribute to the world, and what you want to.

These 12 sigma male questions have the power to totally change your life if you put them into practice. Give it a try and let us know about your experiences in the comments section below. Thanks for tuning in, and make sure to check out the rest of the Bloke Box site for more life changing tips.