The more you know yourself as a sigma male, the easier it is to find hobbies and activities you can truly enjoy long-term. Sigma males are unique individuals and like most people, they too have preferences for what they like to do in their downtime. But unlike others, namely alpha and beta males, sigma males are harder to characterise, as they don’t form part of the typical societal hierarchy. However, there are still some common overarching characteristics that we can observe. And in this article, we’re going to do just that – sharing with you 15 things that sigma males tend to enjoy.  


Solitary activities.

Most sigma males are introverts, but they’re also pretty objective and reserved, tending to think logically with their heads, mor than with their hearts. As they favour solitude, sigma males generally gravitate towards activities they can do alone, based on self-improvement, personal challenges, and self-care.

As they are introverts, social situations will drain the energy of a sigma male pretty quickly, and as such as, they are selective about how they spend their time, and who they spend it with, so they naturally enjoy activities they can do on their own.


Exploring new interests

Sigma males usually have many interests to focus on as they hate being bored and are known to jump from one hobby or activity to another pretty quickly. Therefore, instead of sticking to just one or two things they enjoy, you’ll find them exploring a wide range of activities, places, and new ideas!


Surfing the net

Being pursuers of knowledge and naturally curious people, what better way for a sigma male to satisfy that curiosity than through the world wide web? Falling down rabbit holes and exploring different websites to gain new knowledge and information is just one of the ways a sigma male likes to spend his free time.


Creating art

Sigma males are creatives and enjoy hobbies in which they get the chance to create, like photography, painting, drawing, and designing.  Unsurprisingly, many sigma males enjoy going to places like art galleries and museums, which stoke their creative passion.


Gaining new information

Sigma males particularly enjoy hobbies that allow them to research subjects they’re interested in, and to learn new things that will help them to achieve their goals. Reading is a great way to achieve this, and it’s not uncommon to find a sigma male setting aside some time to read almost every day.

When it comes to watching TV, sigma males tend to prefer documentaries through which they are introduced to new topics or helped to develop their knowledge on a topic they already know about. This is an effective way to give them a well- rounded knowledge base as well as a source of continuous learning.



As they love to use the skills they have to create, or learn new ones, being able to create something with their own hands like creating hand-made gifts for themselves or important people in their lives is something many sigma males enjoy.

The list of crafts they enjoy is quite extensive, but include things like quilting, knitting, needlework and wood crafting.



A sigma male loves nothing more than to be alone with his own thoughts, with no interruptions or distractions. This is one of the reasons why spending time alone is so important to them – it gives them this precious time to reflect on their personal or work life, and to think about ideas for current or future projects.


Absolutely nothing.

Granted, it doesn’t sound much like a hobby; but nonetheless, sigma males like to set aside part of their day to do just that… nothing. By relaxing, resting, and being lazy, they give their mind and body a break, and this allows them to recharge.


Yoga and meditation

Considering how mediative the act of doing nothing is, it’s not surprising that many sigma’s practice both yoga and meditation, using them to slow down and get back in touch with their personal values. They appreciate the calming effect on their body, mind and thoughts that meditation and yoga bring, and how practicing mindfulness can help them see things from a different perspective which can help them reach goals in other areas of their lives.


Non-competitive sports

As we’ve discussed, sigma males like to take care of their body and mind, and as such they enjoy many types of sport. But unlike alpha males, sigma males don’t usually get involved in competitive sport – instead, preferring to focus on solo sports which they find more enjoyable and allows them to get out of their head for a while. Considering their preference for solitary activities, it’s easy to understand why. They perform best in sports such as running, hiking, MMA, or weightlifting.


People watching and analysis.

Sigma males don’t particularly enjoy a lot of social interaction, and sometimes they lack people skills – but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy trying to figure people out all the same. Researching personality types on google, reading books on psychology or people watching all help the sigma male understand what makes other people tick, which he finds fascinating.



Travelling, especially travelling alone, appeals to the sigma male character as it gives them the opportunity to explore new places, meet new types of people, learn about other cultures, and this helps them to broaden their minds. Some will set travel goals each year, with others preferring to be more spontaneous with their travel plans.


Intellectual games

Sigma males love engaging in activities that challenge the right, more logical side of their brain; so, solving logical puzzles and playing intellectual games like sudoku and crosswords is a great hobby for this personality type. Strategic games that force you to test your memory and make decisions visually and analytically like chess, checkers, or even strategic computer games all help to challenge the sigma male’s brain, which he thoroughly enjoys. 



Sigma males don’t only like to engage the logical side of their brain, but they equally seek to engage the left, more creative side too. Whether it’s simply listening to music or creating it, for example by playing musical instruments, remixing songs, or producing their own, music is a favourite hobby that most sigma males enjoy and talk about. Interestingly, studies have found that people who listen to music more than others score higher on intelligence tests. One reason for this is that listening to music actually helps the listener retain information, so it’s no shock that sigma males tend to be big music enthusiasts!



Sigma’s often enjoy building and creating things and doing so in the digital world is no different. So, sigma males tend to be drawn to activities that involve computing. Game development, programming, coding and building websites are some good examples – and even trading cryptocurrency!

So, there you have it – 15 things that sigma males enjoy doing with their valuable and cherished free time. In a nutshell, sigma males enjoy engaging in activities that help them to achieve their goals, increase their knowledge, engage their curiosity and imagination, satisfy their creativity, or allow them to work on their personal development.