By Halle Rider

Sigma males are an interesting breed of man, possessing both introverted and extroverted qualities – they can be social and engaging, but suddenly withdraw into a silent and introspective mood. This may be confusing if you are trying to figure out a sigma male – they are famous for being mysterious and notoriously difficult to ‘figure out.’ One of the reasons that sigma males can be difficult to understand is their often quiet, introspective nature, quite different from that of the loud, intimidating alpha male. Here are thirteen meanings of silence that only sigma males will understand.


He’s silent because he’s dating… himself

While a sigma male enjoys being social and interacting with other people, he craves sufficient time alone. After a long busy day at work he looks forward to getting home, closing the front door and shutting out the busy, noisy outside world to bask in his own company.

He may go silent for a while during these necessary interludes, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have things going on. Typically when in solitude, the sigma male can have a multitude of things going on. Whether its working on a business idea, a creative project, reading a book or going for an early morning swim, he enjoys his own company the most.


He’s the strong, silent type

The sigma male is by his very nature an intelligent soul, but his social skills don’t quite match up to those of his alpha male counterpart- and there is good reason for this. There is not always a lot of capacity for developing his social skills as most of his energy is spent absorbing information, listening, and spending time in his own thoughts.

This in no way means he’s boring or difficult to talk to – on the contrary, he is very charming and contributes to fascinating conversation – it’s just that despite trait similarities, his personality is different to that of an alpha.


He’s silent because he is overwhelmed.

When a sigma male goes quiet, it is usually because he is thinking about what is going on around him. With natural introverted tendencies (usually accompanied by those extroverted traits too), sometimes when caught up in long conversations or immersed in a lot of chatter, the sigma male can find it all a little too much and become overwhelmed, leading him to retreat to the inner workings of his mind.

On the other hand, it could also indicate his desire to change topic, end the conversation, or do something else entirely.


He’s silent because he doesn’t want to engage

As a deep thinker, the sigma male may tend to sometimes get lost in his own mind and thoughts, even in the company of others and will become silent. This can sometimes happen as an automatic defence mechanism, serving as a barricade between the sigma male and the people he is around.

Or he needs some time to rest and recharge his social batteries. Sigma males need good chunks of time alone to be able to engage and socialise at their maximum potential as opposed to alphas who tend to be energized by the act of socialising.

When he no longer feels the desire to engage for whatever reason, having some kind of escape route is necessary for him if a physical escape isn’t an option. This will probably manifest itself as a wall of silence.


He’s silent because he is comfortable

On the other hand, the sigma male may go silent, not because he is fed up with talking, but because he feels comfortable with the company he is in and doesn’t feel the need to verbally communicate.

Have you ever heard of a comfortable silence? You have probably experienced it with people you are close to. When you can just sit with someone in total silence and be at peace, not feeling any kind of awkwardness of urge to fill the silent void with mindless words and chatter, and is there anything more comforting than that kind of human connection? The sigma male doesn’t think so, so if he goes silent, consider the situation – it could just because he is feeling comfortable and content. This is a hidden meaning that is well known to sigma males, and they will not feel the need to engage in conversation if they are feeling relaxed and at ease. Why waste precious energy on talking unless it’s necessary?


His silence indicates high intelligence and introspection

Characteristically introspective and highly intelligent, the sigma male is likely to go quiet simply because he is a deep thinker. He values his own company and as a result relishes the chance to get to know himself better. And as a person who likes to assert control, he prefers to take his time to analyse, evaluate, and examine thoughts and ideas before acting on them. He gives himself time in his own head to ponder and to reflect, which leads him to make more intelligent and well-thought-out decisions.


He’s a silent leader

Sigma males are similar to alpha males due to the fact that they possess a lot of the same qualities, especially when it comes to leadership – but they approach it in a different way. When you think of a leader, you may think of the stereotypical alpha male figure, who is loud, commanding, and intimidating, someone that you would not want to mess with.

You might not think of the sigma male, even though they are just as capable as alphas but who are not known to throw their weight around or be as loud and intimidating as alphas, but they can be counted on to get the job done right.

Being the introspective, self-sufficient and intelligent creatures that they are, sigma males can be trusted to figure out almost any problem and make a success of something that seemed unworkable.

Who wouldn’t want a sigma male on their team, marching them to victory? You get the advantages of an alpha leader – confident, capable and efficient, with none of the downsides that comes with alphas, such as a fragile ego that needs approval and validation from the people he manages.

It’s a win-win situation!


His silence adds to his mystery – and helps him to blend in

An alpha male will be purposefully trying to attract attention with their loudness and dominance, but sigma males are known to be quieter and more mysterious, attracting attention from others without really having to try. He doesn’t want to stand out and attract attraction, but one of the advantages to this silence is that it allows him to blend in with pretty much any group or social circle. Because he rejects much of what society tells us we should do, he will follow his own path away from that old beaten one everyone else is on which in fact makes him adaptable and flexible in many social situations. However, one of the main reasons he has this ability comes down to the fact that he understands the importance of silence – he knows when to listen and when to speak.


His silence is a reflection of his natural charisma

A sigma male doesn’t need to try to be charismatic – it just comes naturally.

Comfortable with his lone wolf status, he doesn’t feel the need to make an effort to get people to like him or approve of him – he is silently confident. People are naturally drawn to him as they can sense his confidence, independence and natural charisma by the way he carries himself, not by what he says. One of the reasons that people find him so charismatic is because of the sigma’s quietness, independence and mystery that surrounds his quieter nature. He can come across as a ‘dark horse’ made ever more intriguing to others by his lack of desire or care for social approval. This makes him stand out against alphas and can make him far more attractive to others.


He’s silently dominant

Loud behaviour, hostility, aggression and showing off is the way that alpha males like to dominate, but not the sigma! He can be equally as dominant, but not in the typical way as he knows how to get what he wants without others even noticing. As excellent communicators, people respect what he has to say and his natural charm and charisma will allow him to subtly dominate and encourage others to do things to help him achieve his goals.


He’s silent because he doesn’t know

Some people have opinions on things they don’t fully understand and may want to show off and will do so by dominating the conversation while not adding that much substance.

Not the sigma male, however. He will pipe up and let his thoughts and opinions be known when he has something truly valuable to add, and only when he actually understands what he is talking about. He knows that talk is cheap, and when you talk all the time you are more likely to give away valuable information. Not only that, but it also shows that you are not listening when you could be learning something meaningful. A fool is made more of a fool when their mouth is more open than their mind.


His online presence is as silent as the grave

We can’t talk about the sigma male and his communication style without mentioning the virtual world. And when it comes to the sigma male, that means virtually off grid. A sigma male is unlikely to be very active online or have much of an online presence because of their character traits. They see the benefits of social media but certainly do not feel the need to be engaging regularly on it – if it all! Sure, they appreciate that it is a useful tool to be able to connect and communicate, but they are also well aware of the massive waste of time that social media habits can become and would much rather use their precious time for more meaningful and useful endeavours, such as working on personal projects or their physical and mental wellbeing.


He is silently brooding

Sigma males certainly come across as the mysterious, brooding type due to their quiet and introspective  nature. They aren’t the bubbly, ever positive superficial type. Their moods are naturally darker, and while it is not because they are not happy, optimistic or positive, it’s just that they prefer being practical and realistic over fake positivity. For these guys, silence is golden.