We’ve all heard of the bossy alpha male – this personality type seems to get most of the attention! Boys are taught from a young age that they should behave like alphas, but actually, Alpha’s aren’t all that! When we are talking about the lure of a woman, the sigma male has far more luck, as despite possessing many characteristics of an alpha male, he actually seems to be a more balanced version with some extra perks thrown in! So, we’re going to give you ten traits that a sigma males possesses that makes him practically irresistible to women.


He’s mysterious.

A sigma male is known to be mysterious. And what woman doesn’t love a mysterious man? He’s quiet and brooding, with a strong personality that he occasionally flashes before retreating. This is classic behaviour that attracts women – their curiosity is piqued by his mystifying and intriguing behaviour – and this makes them want him even more.


He’s a thinker with a curious mind.

Speaking of curiosity – a sigma male has a curious mind which is a very attractive trait to the opposite sex. He is eager to gain new knowledge, and is always seeking out new experiences information, and skills to learn.


He knows what he wants

 A sigma male gets a lot of attention from women because of his natural confidence, charisma and perceived inner strength. This means he has the pick of the ladies; he can seduce any woman he wants, but he’s not that kind of guy. Unlike a typical alpha, he won’t jump from woman to woman – he’s selective, instead being drawn to women who are like him – as equally self-sufficient, independent, and charismatic.


He’s independent and self-sufficient

A sigma male doesn’t need to rely on anyone else to get to where he needs in life. His confidence doesn’t come from exercising power over others like the Alpha male, but instead it comes from within himself, from his own self-assurance. He knows who he is, what he wants, and knows that he wields this power all on his own. He will likely have many friends, after all, people are naturally drawn to a sigma male due to all of his endearing qualities; but he doesn’t need them to validate him – he can do that just fine on his own! And you know what, a man with these traits is VERY attractive to the opposite sex.


He’s a rebel

Alright, so they aren’t intentionally being rebellious, to get attention or to show off like an alpha male might, but a sigma male characteristically likes to go against the grain – and he isn’t afraid of breaking the rules from time to time. He does this purely because he disregards the norms of hierarchy and isn’t a fan of authority. It might be a cliché, but it’s true – a lot of women are attracted to a man with a rebellious side. They’re exciting, confident and masculine go-getters who play by their own rules, and they give the impression of being able to protect their girl whilst giving her the time of her life! 


He’s respectful

Despite being a rebel, he’s a sigma, which means he is very respectful of others and their freedom. He isn’t controlling, possessive, or jealous – he values the independence of other people just like he values his own and is not the type of guy to impose restrictions on another person’s liberties. If a partner or friend doesn’t act in the way he wants – no problem, he’ll just do his own thing and go his own way.


He’s charismatic

Not only is he respectful, but a sigma male is also charming and charismatic – without even trying to be, it just comes naturally to him. This is what makes a sigma male so successful at getting along with all types of people. His relaxed, confident and stoic attitude draws women to him and makes them feel comfortable around him. His charisma allows him to connect with people, and he doesn’t have to change who he is to suit the occasion, or the people he’s talking to.


He’s a dominant introvert.

 A sigma male isn’t one for a lot of incessant chatter. He is a man of few words, but what he does say has substance. Unlike the alpha, he doesn’t talk for attention, and he doesn’t feel the need to engage in meaningless conversation. He prefers to focus his energies on listening, observing, and reflecting on what’s being said. This gives him a competitive edge over the alpha, as he doesn’t dominate by brute force – but through intelligence. That’s how he gets the attention of women.


He loves his freedom, and the chance to explore

The sigma male loves to explore new things. Instead of staying in his comfort zone, he much prefers to have new experiences, try new foods, experience new cultures, and meet new people. He enjoys taking risks and he is energised from the unfamiliar and the unknown. This is one of the reasons he’s likely to be an avid traveller – and a solo one at that.

Sigma men value their freedom more than anything, and that’s one of the reasons why women are so attracted to the sigma male – there’s nothing more alluring than a man who is difficult to tie down!


He’s a leader, but a humble one.

Despite sigma males being lone wolves, walking their own path in life – when the need arises, they have the ability to become powerful and inspiring leaders. They inspire others with their passion and profound ways of thinking, and reluctance to allow drama, or negativity within their team. A sigma male never acts like he’s above anyone else – he is able to act with genuine humility which is what makes him so great at leadership, and what makes women so drawn to him. He in fact has all of the qualities to challenge an Alpha’s dominance as the leader, but he prefers his freedom to being tied into the role of a figurehead. A key trait of a sigma male is that he doesn’t like to be bound to any social structure for too long – so even if he does take on the role of a leader, he will only do some temporarily – much preferring to work independently.